Drops from the swelling of the nasal mucosa

Inflammatory, including allergic,Diseases of the respiratory system and eyes are usually accompanied by swelling of the mucous membranes. Edema - excessive production and accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body. When swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose or eye, it swells and increases separation secret . manifested all well-known runny nose and lacrimation. And how many troubles bring these symptoms, arising from a cold, allergies, flu!

In order to reduce the severity of these symptoms, decongestants are used, which are also called anticongestants (from Greek anti - against and Latin congestus - full, full).

The most common cause of obstruction of nasal breathing ("congestion" of the nose) is swelling of the nasal mucosa. Elimination of the edema facilitates breathing through the nose.

What medications can I use? First, all those that, when applied locally, have a vasoconstrictive effect, thereby reducing the swelling of the mucous membrane. Such properties are possessed by some adrenergic agents, which we have already considered in Chapter 3.2. These drugs stimulate adrenoreceptors and cause vasoconstriction and reduction of edema of the mucous membranes. These include indanazoline . xylometazoline . tetrisolin . naphazoline . These drugs are used to reduce discomfort in rhinitis (rhinitis), laryngitis (inflammation of the laryngeal mucosa), conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye mucosa), sinusitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the facial sinuses) andother diseases associated with mucosal edema. These drugs are released in the form of eye and nasal drops, nasal spray, to provide local action.

In allergic diseases, the inflammatory reaction is due to the excessive allocation of mediators (mediators ) inflammation, the main of which is histamine . Therefore, blocking agentshistamine (antihistamines), also reduce swelling and swelling of the mucous membranes (see Chapter 3.10). More selective action against allergic reactions is possessed by antihistamines of the so-called second generation (acrivastine . astemizole . loratadine . cetirizine and others). They are used primarily to prevent or reduce allergic reactions and are the drugs of choice for allergic rhinitis . allergic conjunctivitis . hay fever (caused by the pollen of various plants) and other diseases.

For complex symptomatic treatment of manifestations of edema of the mucous membranes, adrenergic agents are often combined with antihistamines.

Some preparations of the group of anticongestants are presented below. For detailed information on these and other drugs, please visit www.rlsnet.ru.

[Tradename (composition or characteristic) pharmachologic effect dosage forms firm ]

Briisolin (xylometazoline) vasoconstrictive drops called. Bryntsalov-A (Russia)

Vibrocil (dimethindene + phenylephrine) vasoconstrictive, antiallergic, anticonvulsant gel gel; drops are called; spray called. Novartis Consumer Health SA (Switzerland)

Halazolin (xylometazoline) anticongestive, vasoconstrictive, adrenomimetic gel gel; drops called. Warszawskie Zaklady Farmaceutyczne Polfa (Poland)

Transnon (xylometazoline) anticonvulsant drops are called dessert; spray called. Novartis Consumer Health SA (Switzerland)

Clarinase-12 (loratadine + pseudoephedrine) antiallergic, vasoconstrictive tab.p.o. Schering-Plow (USA)

Xylenes (xylometazoline) adrenomimetic, anticongestive drops called. LENS-Farm (Russia)

The nasal spray of Dr. Thyss (xylometazoline) vasoconstrictive aeros.naz. Dr. Theiss Naturwaren (Germany)

Nazivin (oxymetazoline) vasoconstrictive drops are called; spray called; spray doses. Nycomed (Norway)

Otrivin (xylometazoline) anticongestive, vasoconstrictive drops are called; drops are called children. Novartis Consumer Health SA (Switzerland)

Pinosol (herbal remedy) anti-inflammatory, antiseptic drops are called; cream is called; ointment called. Slovakofarma (Slovakia)

Sinupret (herbal remedy) expectorant, secretolytic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral dragees; drops for oral administration Bionorica (Germany)

TeraFlu from influenza and colds (ascorbic acid + paracetamol + phenylephrine + pheniramine) analgesic, antipyretic, antiallergic pore.d / r-ra for oral administration Novartis Consumer Health SA (Switzerland)

Pharmazoline (xylometazoline) vasoconstrictive drops called. Farmak (Ukraine)

Physiomer Nasal Spray for Children (isotonic solution of natural sea water) decongestant spray is called. PharmaMed (Canada)

Physiomer Nasal spray (direct jet) (isotonic solution of natural sea water) decongestant spray called. PharmaMed (Canada)

Physiomer Nasal spray forte (strengthened jet) (isotonic solution of natural sea water) decongestant spray called. PharmaMed (Canada)