Swelling of the nasal mucosa

Hello! Respond please, at the child of 5,5 years, the girl, during last 2 years at it often mucous a nose swells up, vydeleny any are not present, simply edema. Walks and constantly inhales (sucks) in air through the nose, she does not work, naughty, dripping "Pinosol" only at night. No other symptoms of the disease (temperature, cough ..). Went to loru said pinosol clean, use aqua-maris. Adenoids in norm or rate, tonsils too. The tests showed staphylococcus aureus but in an allowable amount of 10 in 3, the immunity was raised with antigrippin. No changes. When we were born (somewhere on the 5th day) we were told that we have "an innate strider" explained that this narrowed airway passages. She snored for a long time at night, but from the age of 3 it stopped. Is it again its manifestations or something else? What should we do? Thank you in advance!

What you describe is more liketransient edema of the nasal mucosa. This is not a dangerous, but quite unpleasant condition. It is treated with the help of physiotherapy - best with a laser with direct irradiation of the nasal mucosa through soft light guides. In order for the baby to breathe freely, it takes from 6 to 12 procedures. Just find a medical center where these methods of treatment are practiced and go there for advice

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