How to get rid of swelling in the nose

The problem of nasal congestion often does not passafter treatment of colds and runny nose. Because it causes not only a large amount of mucus in the nasal cavity in acute colds, but also swelling of the mucous membrane. Quickly eliminate the swelling of the nose with colds can be using vasoconstrictor. But the effect of these funds lasts only a few hours, and they do not have a therapeutic effect. A long-term use of such drugs leads to addiction - then without them a person can not breathe normally.

In addition to colds, nasal congestion can occur due to various allergic reactions, exposure to chemicals and vegetative disorders. Therefore, in order to eliminate edema in the bow. an integrated approach is needed. That is, apart from the removal edema Nasal cavity need to eliminate its cause.

For the treatment of swelling of the nasal mucosa, anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs are used, if necessary, they are supplemented with anti-allergic and other medications.

Popular Remedies edema nose are as follows: Rinse your nose with water in which sea salt is dissolved. Another composition for washing the nose: water, table salt and 2 drops of iodine. For washing, it is convenient to use a syringe without a needle.

Make herbal inhalations for the nose with a few drops of eucalyptus and pine oils.