Mask for the face from puffiness

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Probably, there are no such girls and women,who did not face such trouble in the morning as a puffiness of the face. And this is not surprising, since many previous factors may provoke this problem, although rarely, but present in our lives. A plentiful supper including acute and salty dishes, an extra tea before going to bed, an unbalanced diet, snacks on the go, a stormy party, stress, overwork, avitaminosis, an allergy, premenstrual syndrome is not the whole list of possible causes of puffiness in the face, from which no one is insured. Do not despair, everything is fixable! Morning reflection of the face in the mirror resembles a grotesque cast - it will help mask from swelling on the face, which will accelerate lymphatic drainage processes in the dermis of the skin and very quickly return an attractive face to the face.

Mask from swellings on the face - the best and effective recipes

So, if you know the cause of puffinesson the face, and it is not associated with serious diseases of the body, then quickly eliminate this problem on the face will help vegetables, fruits, herbs and broths that are at hand at every mistress. Consider the recipes of the fastest and most effective masks, which will help you get rid of swelling on the face in the morning and significantly refresh and tonify the skin.

Pumpkin mask from swellings on the face

50 g finely chopped pumpkin boil in the samethe amount of water before the formation of soft gruel into which, after cooling, add ½ tea. liquid honey. The resulting mass put on a gauze napkin and attach to edematous places of the face. To enhance the effect from above, this mask can be covered with polyethylene or a flannel napkin. In 20 minutes from the swelling on your face will not remain a trace!

Cucumber mask from puffiness

One average fruit of a fresh cucumber to grind atuse a grater or a blender, and then combine it with ½ tea. lemon juice (for oily skin) or 1 table.l. olive oil (for dry). Apply the mask to your face and after a third of an hour, wash it off with a decoction of chamomile or calendula.

Potato mask from swelling on the face

Potatoes are the best remedy for swelling in the face. It can be used in both raw and cooked form.

The cooked potato in a uniform should be cleaned andgrind to a puree state (grater, blender, tolkushka) and combine with 10ml of warm milk. Apply this mask is recommended for at least 20 minutes.

From raw potatoes it is possible to prepare such a mask:

Peeled potatoes to grate on the shallowestgrater and mix with 1t.l. wheat or buckwheat flour and with the same amount of warm milk. After 15 minutes you can remove the mask from your face and enjoy its charming appearance without hinting that even more recently it looked more than not aesthetically pleasing.

Remedy for swelling on the face - express - options

If you have a very limited amount of time and do not have the opportunity to prepare a decongestant mask, then the following tools can help to quickly improve the appearance of a person:

  • Packaged black or green tea. This is the most affordable and easy to use remedy for swelling on the face. To use it you need severalminutes to lower tea bags into boiling water and, without pressing, place on a saucer in the freezer. After 5 minutes, the tea anti-edema pack is ready. Apply frozen tea bags to swelling places and keep until heated.
  • A decoction of chamomile and sage. This decongestant can be usedin several ways. First: prepare two containers for herbal decoction and pour into one warm liquid, and the second - a cold one. Cotton swabs alternately wet in a warm and cold broth and apply to edematous places on the face.

The second method is even easier and will suit perfectly the ladies,morning swelling on the face, which are frequent: a prepared broth of herbs from the evening, pour into ice molds and put in the freezer. And in the morning, when the reflection of the face in the mirror leaves much to be desired, wipe the skin of the face with ice cubes on massage lines.

  • Greenery and parsley root. With the help of green parsley can be prepareddecongestant toning mask, which will help not only get rid of edema on the face, but also improve the color and appearance of the face. To prepare it you will need: chopped parsley and 2 tablespoons. fatty sour cream (the owner of oily skin is better to use kefir or yogurt). Prepared mask to put on the skin of the face and after a quarter of an hour to wash off.

If the puffiness on the face is most localized in the eye area, then as a masks for eyes from edema the chopped root of parsley will approach. It should be wrapped in a gauze napkin and attached to the eyelids at 10min.

It is important to know! If the puffiness of the face is associated with fluid retention in the body during the PMS period, then oil will help fight it remedy for swelling in the face. For this, 10 ml of basicvegetable oil (olive, almond, corn, peach, etc.) mixed with a few drops of essential oil of geranium, juniper or rosemary. A light daily facial massage with this oily aroma oil for a week before the start of menstruation is guaranteed to relieve you of puffiness on your face during this period.

Mask from swelling under the eyes - we cook at home

If you suffer from puffiness not just the face, but only the eyelids, then salvation in your case will be mask of swelling under the eyes. For its preparation, you can use the recipe for any decongestant face mask described above, or use the following recipes:

Buckwheat anti-decay mask for eyelids

To prepare this masks for eyes from edema It will take only a tablespoon of buckwheatcereals, which should be tied in a tissue or gauze napkin and lowered into boiling water for several minutes. After the cereal bag has cooled to room temperature, it should be applied to the eyelids at 15 minutes.

Mask of coffee from eye swelling

10g of ground coffee beans milled inthe same amount of low-fat yogurt and apply for 10 minutes on closed eyelids. It is recommended to wash off the coffee mask with cool mineral water without gas or chamomile broth.

Also the action of this masks for eyes from edema can be strengthened with natural oil, which, added to the masking composition, will make this agent nutritious.

Apple mask from swelling under the eyes

Average apple fruit peel and grate(the smaller, the better). The resulting gruel should be applied to the eyelids and washed off after 10 minutes. However, you can speed up the process by attaching to the swollen eyes just slices of apples, cut into a few millimeters thick.

Do not forget! Strengthen the action of any masks for eyes from edema can be used alternately with contrast washingwarm and cold water for at least 5 minutes. Just consider that the difference in temperature regimes of water or broths should not bring uncomfortable sensations.

And remember that no matter how effective mask of swelling under the eyes. It must be supplemented with a facial massage(spoon, pinch, Asahi massage, etc.), daily performance of which will help to get rid of excess fluid in skin tissues and normalize blood circulation and lymph flow in the dermis of the skin.