Remove edema in the nose at home

So to prevent possible unpleasant andfor dangerous consequences, contact your dentist. He will prescribe the necessary treatment for you, for example, he will prescribe painkillers, antibiotics. Surgical intervention may be necessary only in special cases. Of course, you can not always turn to a specialist, or rather, not immediately. In such cases, it will help you to ease your condition at home. You can reduce the temperature, remove the swelling.

It's worth starting with a cold compress. With the help of ice, you can reduce the pain that has arisen from the flux. Cold apply only to the cheek in which the swelling appeared, hold ice or a cloth moistened with cold water for several minutes. Swelling will not come off immediately, it will happen gradually, so be patient.

With pain and swelling are not superfluous and frequentrinsing of the mouth area. Such procedures, in addition, will also remove the inflammation that has arisen, remove the pus, get rid of the bacteria that have become the sources of abscess formation, and accelerate the whole process of recovery. When preparing the mouthwash, you can use a variety of products from the pharmacy (for example, herbs and plants), as well as sea salt and baking soda.

If there is no allergy to anything and otherscontra-indications the stomatologist can appoint or nominate to you, as already it has been told or said, anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory preparations. For example, such as "Ibuprofen. "Tylenol. With their help, you can significantly reduce pain. However, in no case do not purchase such funds yourself, without the advice of a specialist.