Facial swelling in women causes treatment

"O God, who is this?""- you welcome your reflection in the mirror one morning. Just yesterday you shone with your dazzling beauty at a party, and now you do not recognize yourself and feel growing panic and fear. Puffiness of the face, especially in women after 35-40 years, unfortunately, the phenomenon is frequent and it has its own reasons. And they can be connected, both with external and internal problems.

According to the definition, edema is an excessiveaccumulation of body fluids in tissues. Everyone knows that the human body is 80% water. The greater part is inside the cells, and the smaller part is in the intercellular space. Once the amount of fluid in the intercellular space increases in volume, edema develops.

Edema is common and local. Swelling of the general is accompanied by varying degrees of swelling of the whole body. It is characteristic for diseases of the kidney, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Local edema is concentrated around a particular organ or part of the vascular bed. This happens with allergies and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

In any case, swelling is a signal to the fact that there is a problem in the body, and it is necessary to pay special attention to it.

  1. Perhaps you are too fond of drinks,which actively excrete water from the body: coffee or tea. Frequent tea drinking intensifies the diuretic process - the body loses water, and the brain receives a signal that it is time to accumulate it.
  2. Excess of salt in the body. Everyone knows that salt is a powerful store of water in the body. You probably know the sensation when, after a very salty meal, thirst begins. Usually the body does not require so much water.
  3. Lack of clean water in the body. In the event that the body is not saturated with pure water during the day and other drinks enter it, the processes of water accumulation are started whenever possible.

These are external causes that arise in most cases. With them, we can successfully fight, revising the diet and lifestyle.

But, unfortunately, there are more serious reasons for swelling of the face. They are associated with hidden diseases of the internal organs, in which edema is manifested as a symptom.

With kidney diseases, the face and lower eyelids first swell, then other parts of the body. At the same time edema is mild and watery in nature. Along with swelling, the pressure rises.

The cause of the swelling of the face may be allergic reactions. In addition to swelling, there are pruritus, rashes and shortness of breath.

The thrombosis of the inferior vena cava going from the head to the right atrium can cause swelling, and at the same time give the face skin a cyanotic color.

Inflammatory processes in the face

Local infections of the paranasal sinuses of the face, tonsils, teeth and lymph nodes of the lower jaw can provoke one-sided or full swelling of the face.

Myxedema - a disease that occurs when the functioning of the thyroid gland, a symptom of which is mucous edema.

Cushing's syndrome - a violation of the adrenal glands. People who suffer from this disease have a moon-shaped face.

Edema on the face is characteristic of all people,abusing alcohol. Drinking alcohol for several months leads to a violation of microcirculation in the kidneys, a violation of protein metabolism and, as a result, fluid retention. In most cases, such swelling disappears a couple of weeks after discontinuation of use. But in people with alcoholism of the last stage, such edema remains for life.

If the swelling on the face has become regular, urgently consult and be examined by a doctor to find out their cause. Having treated all diseases of internal organs, you will get rid of edema.

Removing edema at home

In parallel with treatment by a doctor, or with rare edema associated with lifestyle, some rules and recommendations will help to remove them. How to remove puffiness of the face?

Lifestyle and nutrition

First, it is necessary to control the amount of salt consumed in the food, which delays the body's fluid.

Secondly, replace the products that contribute to the retention of fluid in the body on foods that actively excrete: watermelons, apples, carrots and citrus fruits.

In addition, control the time of dinner. It should be no later than three hours before bedtime. After all, often a slight swelling of the face occurs precisely in connection with a late dinner.

Try not to prescribe diuretics for yourselfdrugs, since you can involuntarily lead yourself to a state of dehydration that will stimulate edema and provoke new more serious diseases.

They do not take a lot of time, but effectivelythey remove morning swelling. Contrasting facial cleansing, facial cleansing with ice cubes with sage and marigolds, light massage, infusion of green tea or parsley roots, masks from raw potatoes, boiled pumpkin with honey - all these funds quickly remove the swelling of the face in the morning and take care of the skin in parallel.

On sale it is possible to get cooling masks with gel. The swelling is removed by applying this mask on the eye for several minutes.

Be especially attentive to your health. To lead a healthy lifestyle is not so difficult. Eat right, move more, rest. And every morning a charming woman will smile in the mirror!