Puffiness of the tongue with prints of the teeth along the edges

An indication of gastrointestinal diseases isedematous state of the tongue. At the tip, the lateral surfaces of the tongue there are prints of teeth, the tongue is enlarged in size. Edema of the tongue is a sign of chronic intestinal damage (colitis enterocolitis). This condition is explained by a violation of the absorptive capacity of the intestine and its barrier function.

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Edema of the tongue most often develops as a resultallergic reaction to food or medication. A small puffiness of the tongue is also possible with some chronic gastrointestinal diseases. The edema of the tongue is manifested by the following symptoms: an increase in the size of the tongue, the formation of swelling, a burning sensation, and the presence of a dentition in the tongue.

Treatment of edema is carried out depending on the causeappearance, but in any case it is aimed at enhancing the diuretic properties of the body and eliminating the underlying inflammation. Also, the patient is prescribed a special diet with a reduced salt content, however, the full consumption of salt should not be excluded. It is necessary to take vitamins of group B, A, PP, C and P. The maximum amount of fluid that can be drunk to a patient is prescribed by a doctor. In any case, it should not exceed 1.5 liters per day.

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Question:Hello. I have 1.5 months already as a swelling of the tongue, swelling of the cheeks in the tongue on the right side of something clings to the sky in the papillae? maybe because of puffiness, submaxillary lymph nodes are inflamed, the lower jaw is starting to hurt and my teeth are aching, gums and tongue get fired from time to time, I was treated by an allergist, now I'm being treated by a stomatologist and gastroenterologist, there are no shifts. And in the summer he put in the crowns of different metals 3 gold and 3 with the spraying can there is an allergy to metal before this 30 years there were only gold and 2 pins on the spraying.

Answer: It may well be an allergy to metals. Especially from crowns with "spraying"

Question:Hello! I do not know to what doctor to address. I have swelling of the tongue. And what is the reason for this? The endocrinologist was, there all in norm or rate.

Answer: Hello, as I understood, you have a simple languageincreased in size? Without signs of inflammation (redness, pain, fever)? At the endocrinologist you surveyed only a thyroid gland? If so, then you need to take tests for growth hormone. Its increase occurs with acromegaly, and one of the symptoms is an increase in the tongue. It is the swelling of the tongue is with an allergic reaction. We must hand over the UAC and see if there are any changes. Examine the entire digestive tract for exclusion, since problems with the tongue often indicate a malfunction in the stomach or intestines. Go to Laura - the condition of the tonsils and throat is important. An increase in the tongue can occur with a serious disease - amyloidosis, but it is accompanied by problems with the kidneys and intestines, which you do not write about. In extreme cases, you can make a biopsy of the tongue, which will prompt at the expense of which process it increases (muscle growth, real edema, amyloid deposition, etc.). Find yourself a good internal doctor who can write you a survey plan, since without an inspection and all complaints, something concrete is very difficult to answer.

Question:Hello. At me on protezhenii three months a puffiness of tongue, burning tip, drowsiness and the lowered temperature of a body. Swelling of upper eyelids. On ultrasonic of a thyroid gland - the BRAIN. No treatment was prescribed. What tests should I take? Losing weight, what hormones do I need to give blood to? There is also a violation of the menstrual cycle.

Answer: Hello! You need to pass a blood test for hormones - TTG, T4cv, APPO, prolactin.