Than to remove puffiness of the face

You wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirrorand do not recognize because of the strong swelling on the face. Deciding that tomorrow everything will pass, the next day the picture is the same - swelling does not pass. As a rule, on the third day this problem starts to worry, and we go to the Internet in search of its solution. If you do not know how to get rid of swelling on your face, we will help you with this.
In the article we will consider such questions:

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  • Causes of swelling on the face
  • How to relieve swelling
  • Masks and a compress for the face

Causes of swelling on the face

In fact, swelling on the face can be caused by a number of reasons, so let's look at them.
Plentiful drink
The most common reason for us to appearPuffiness on the face is the use of a large amount of liquid. A characteristic sign of swelling, due to heavy fluid intake, is the appearance of swelling on the face in the morning, followed by their decline throughout the day.
The daily rate of human consumption of wateris approximately 1.5 liters per day in winter, and in summer this rate can reach 3 liters. If in summer the consumption of a large amount of water is compensated by increased sweating, then in the cold season the liquid "stagnates" in the body and because of this there are edemas. Due to the fact that at night we sleep, and there is no withdrawal of fluid from the body in a natural way, there are swelling. The use of carbonated sweet drinks with dyes complicates the situation.
Improper diet
In principle, a large amount of water consumedor its retention in the body can be caused by eating food that provokes thirst or delays in the body water and, as a rule, it is salted foods. Since a large amount of salt in the body delays water, and it is deposited in fatty tissues in the form of edema under the eyes. Such foods include seafood, and dishes with a lot of salt content.
Hormonal disbalance
With hormonal failure in some girls, the hormone estrogen level may rise, which entails a fluid retention in the body. This is most common during menstruation.

Wrong way of life
Drinking a lot of alcoholdrinks and smoking - also negatively affect our body. Of course, the appearance of swelling on the face is affected by inadequate and poor sleep, a sedentary lifestyle.
Genetic predisposition
Some people have a genetic predisposition to swelling of the face, and puffiness is a feature of the body.
With age, kidney work becomes not the same as in youth, and because of this, fluid retention occurs in the body, which provokes swelling.
Often, the appearance of swelling on the face is a consequence of serious diseases: kidney disease, allergic reactions, thyroid dysfunction, heart failure, etc.

Now let's find out how to remove puffiness from the face.
First of all, try to drink lessliquid, using only its norm. For a couple of hours before going to bed, do not drink a lot of liquid, drink only as much as your body enough to quench your thirst. Exclude in the evening the use of tea, coffee and juices. The use of sugary beverages should be completely excluded, since they negatively affect the kidneys, and also do not quench thirst, but on the contrary - provoke it.
Be sure to exclude salty foods and dishes, because because of them the thirst is constantly awakening. At the same time, the high salt content in the body delays water.
If the problem continues enoughlong-term period, then take medications that remove puffiness. Such drugs are diuretics, which are based on medicinal herbs. These drugs help to remove fluid from the body in a natural way, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Doctors can be prescribed drugs "Dursan" or "Furosemide", the reception of which is set exclusively by your doctor.
If different methods do not help you, andPuffiness does not go away for several days, always consult a doctor. The sooner you seek medical help and establish the cause of swelling on the face, the faster you can get rid of the problem.

Masks and a compress for the face

How to remove puffiness from the eyes and nose
Swelling under the eyes and near the nose can be removed with the help of compresses and masks.
The most famous compress for removing puffiness withthe area of ​​the nose and eyes is a tea compress. To do this, you need to brew two tea bags, then pull them out of the brewer and cool. Then lightly squeeze the bags, so they are not too dry, and put it on your eyes. After 10 minutes, remove the tea bags and wash the face with cool water.
The second option is a potato mask. To make a mask, grate raw potatoes on a small grater, then apply a mask to the face. After 15 minutes, remove the mask from the face and wash with cool water.