How to cure swelling of the nasal mucosa

Dear friends, I think each of usa consequence with the encountered treatment of viral or bacterial infections that are accompanied by a runny nose, rhinitis, sinusitis. As they seem to have completed the course of treatment, you feel normal, and even the cold is practically gone, and the nose is periodically blocked. Having tried all possible swelling, the funds still appear periodically. Attention Then here, all these diverse folk remedies are ready to come to you in the fight to help with the swelling of the nasal mucosa, and restore help to the nasal mucosa. Below you can see some from them.

Rinsing the nose with sea salt

  1. pour a full glass of warm boiled water
  2. dissolve in this water two tablespoons of dessert sea salt
  3. with a solution of the obtained, wash the nose
  4. repeat the procedure for such a daily several visits, until there is no swelling

Inhalations with essential oil from the edema boil

  1. mucous water in a wide saucepan
  2. add to the ethereal boiling oil of pine, fir or then
  3. cedar for 15-20 minutes inhale the vapor, this from the outgoing pans
  4. do this several times a day

Burying the nose with juices

plants Juices effectively cope with variousrespiratory diseases, which helps to get rid of the mucosal edema. Burying Practice the nose with juice of beet, onion, plants of indoor aloe or calanchoe. Juice can be used as a pure form, dilute and so with vegetable oil. And the juice of beets can be mixed with honey. The required dose of each drop is 3-5 medicines per 4-5 visits a day.

Treatment of edema with lemon mucosa

  1. to start, you need to squeeze the lemon juice and dilute it in equal proportion with water boiled
  2. the resulting mixture should be sucked in by the nose and immediately "blown out"
  3. repeat this several times
  4. then in 250 boiling water milliliters dissolve half a dessert spoon of salt cooked
  5. soak in the resulting solution of cotton wool and enter it first into one nostril, and after a while and into another
  6. repeat the procedure from beginning to several times once a day

This method of very effective treatment is effective, because the juice of the lethal lemon affects microbes, and the salt contributes to the edema of mucosal elimination.

Inhalation with garlic and onions

  1. rub a few cloves of garlic and medium size onion on a fine grater
  2. inhale the products from the outgoing odor for 15-20 minutes

Treatment with iodine help

  1. before lying down smearing your feet with iodine
  2. then what kind of old wear unwanted socks, sorry not to smudge, but on top of them put on woolen and more
  3. sleep in these socks
  4. repeat the procedure for several consecutive nights

Treatment with onions help

  1. brush the bulb
  2. remove the transparent entire film from it
  3. then put this each film into the nostril, but only not very deep and, overlapping, it is not entirely understood that oxygen is accessed
  4. every two hours, replace the old film with a new one
  5. do this for two days
  6. at night use not a film

A similar procedure can be carried out with Both. garlic products contain useful phytoncides - substances that contribute to treatment.

Treating with horseradish help

  1. chop the horseradish by taking advantage of the shallow
  2. grind the raw material into the jar, after that securely close the jar with a lid
  3. wait for about a quarter of a hour, then open the jar and take as deep as possible a deep breath - you should steam inhale the shredded horseradish,
  4. jars, hold for a few seconds breath, which after exhale through the nose
  5. repeat this many times in a row until the procedure does not cause discomfort

Treatment with the help of the hunter's grab

  1. oils of about 20-30 fresh St. John's wort flowers
  2. Wash them thoroughly and chop
  3. then pour 250 raw materials with milliliters of refined vegetable oil
  4. leave the agent then infused for 21 days in an inaccessible place for sunlight and light
  5. vzbaltyvayte periodically tincture
  6. after the expiration of three weeks, it must be filtered through folded several times after
  7. The medicine should be kept in the received
  8. the refrigerator must be digested a few times a day
  9. the necessary dose of one for the drug approach - 3-5 drops in each nostril
  10. Burying in front of the oil should be slightly warmed up

using the burdock root treatment

  1. late autumn, until the frosts of the offensive, dig out the root of the burdock
  2. Wash it well and cut into medium sized pieces
  3. then pour these pieces into a container of dark pour and glass them with unrefined sunflower oil
  4. securely close the container and put it in a dark place infused in two weeks
  5. the resulting infusion should be vigorously shaken before each use.

And he uses turundas:

  1. so from cotton wool should be moistened in the obtained property of medicinal
  2. then you need to put them alternately in the nostril every quarter of an hour
  3. carry out such a few procedures once a day, but not more than five

Powder Lily of the valley treatment

  1. Dry flowers and shoots after
  2. plants this, grind the resulting raw material to a consistency powder
  3. then pour this powder into a jar of small glass with a lid
  4. close the jar and dark it in place, the tool should be stored in the
  5. its dark as a snuff