How to relieve the swelling of the nose with a cold

Edema of the nasal mucosa is due tohypothermia, when the infection has already penetrated. Do not wait until the disease takes a long time, you need to treat it immediately. You should know how to remove the swelling of the nose. Many doctors recommend immediately using drops for the nose. But the fact is that their frequent use can eliminate the external signs of the disease, but not its cause. And therefore, with the slightest supercooling, the disease can arise again. In any case, the use of drops is necessary: ​​you can alternate purchased drops with those made at home. Onions and garlic have a curative effect on the common cold. Drops can also be made from onions and honey: you should cut very finely onions, add one teaspoon of honey and a little water, infuse for several hours. You should also warm your feet well in very hot water, and at night you can wear socks with mustard plasters.

Removal of edema of the nose in a certain sense hassimilarity with the way to remove the puffiness of the body: you need to remove excess fluid and warm the nasal mucosa well. Although in the second case, the excess fluid must be removed from the entire body - this is much more difficult. Garlic cloves should also be used as a remedy for edema: you need to peel them from the peel and put them into the nasal passages for a while. Inhalations also help in the swelling of the nose. It is necessary to heat the water, throw a teaspoon of soda into it - immediately steam will go, then you should cover your head and a vessel with water with a towel and breathe your nose over the steam. Hot air will help get rid of mucus and edema will pass. After the inhalation can be dripped into the nose of the prepared drops.

At the arisen question how to remove swelling of the eyelidswith a runny nose, do not be too zealous, as a rule, when the swelling of the nose passes, and the swelling of the other parts of the face also occurs. You can remove mucus from the nose and rinse with salted water, but you should do it carefully, as water can leak into the ears or into the larynx. You can sweep the nasal passages alternately. After the procedure you need to lubricate them with sea buckthorn or eucalyptus oil: they have a very good therapeutic effect. Also, there should be no question of how to remove puffiness under the eyes, since the nose is close and the edema can simply have an effect on both the eyelids and the eyes. Another thing is if the edema appears due to another serious illness. Then before you quickly remove the swelling of the face, you need to establish the cause of this.