How to relieve swelling in the nose in a child

Nasal edema is a symptom of such a diseaseas a runny nose. It is more difficult to remove it from a baby, not an adult. How to remove the swelling of the nose in a child? All drugs with vasoconstrictive action should be prescribed only by a doctor. Along with medical preparations there are also folk methods for removing the edema of the nose in a child, but before using them it is recommended to consult with a pediatrician.

How can I remove the edema of the nose in a child in various ways?

In this article, we describe the four most effective folk methods.

The first method for swelling of the nose involvesuse of brine. To make it, you need a hundred milliliters of warm water and half a teaspoon of table salt. It is necessary to moisten the cotton swab in a saline solution and first introduce it into one nostril of the child, then into the other, keeping it in each for several minutes.

For the second method it is necessary to prepare a solutionfor inhalation. To do this, mix the boiling water and four drops of fir oil and ask the child to breathe over the steam for about ten minutes, after covering it with a blanket over the towel. In order for the effect to occur faster, it is recommended that such inhalations be administered per day two to three times. Such inhalations contribute to edema not only to facilitate the breathing of a child, but also have an antibacterial effect. Fir oil can also be replaced with eucalyptus oil, which is no less effective in the common cold.

The third method for swelling of the nose suggestsuse collection of the following components: sage, calendula flowers, as well as mother and stepmother and plantain leaves. Equal parts of all components must be mixed. Then, one tablespoon of this mixture, pour water, bring to a boil and boil for five minutes. Then remove from heat and let it brew for one hour. Ready to infuse it is recommended to dig in the nose of the child a day two or three times.

And for the last fourth way to treat edemanose in a child should prepare a mixture of one tablespoon carrot juice, two drops of garlic and one tablespoon of pre-boiled olive oil in a water bath. Ready mixture should be instilled in the child's nose daily from three to four times before the onset of improvement.

We have described to you how to remove the edema of the nose in a child by folk methods. But before using them, do not forget to consult a pediatrician in order to avoid unforeseen consequences.

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