Edema in the nose without a cold in the child

Characteristic in the off-season cold catching almosteveryone who regularly happens on the street. Chronic nasal congestion is often the result of a damp infection. Treatment of this disease by many today is considered optional. However, a runny nose is a mandatory reason for immediate contact with a doctor.

In addition to the fact that snot from the nose can beevidence of many serious diseases, it is also a very serious obstacle to a normal life. Constant discomfort, inability to adequately perceive odors and other weakened functions of the nasopharynx. If you have nasal congestion or swelling of the nose - treatment should be started as soon as possible .

If your nasal congestion is not chronic, thenmost often it manifests itself in autumn and spring. As a rule, at this time immunity decreases, and the natural defense of the organism does not cope with the attacks of infections. When bacteria manage to get inside your body, the nasal cavity becomes an excellent habitat for them.

However, the immune system, despite weakness,begins to actively fight them. In order to destroy bacteria, mucus is strongly formed. But at the same time, this process makes the closed space of the nose an excellent environment for microbes. Here they begin to multiply actively.

Naturally, spring and autumn beriberi - far from being the only cause of difficulty breathing. Other factors include:

  • respiratory diseases of an acute nature. Runny nose lasts up to 5 days and, as a rule, does not require a purposeful fight with it - it is necessary to cure the infection and the stuffiness of the nose will pass by itself;
  • allergy. Coughing, sneezing, seasonal exacerbations - all this speaks about the allergic nature of zalozhennosti;
  • pregnancy. Edema of the nose on the last terms - quite common phenomenon; often it is the result of hormonal disorders. Such a failure in the body can lead to a variety of consequences, including a protracted runny nose;
  • anatomical defects. As a rule, these are either congenital changes, or those resulting from injuries - such as a fractured nose, cartilage displacement and so on;
  • incorrect use of vasoconstrictor.

In addition to the common cold, there are manyassociated symptoms. As a rule, nasal congestion can be so familiar that a person perceives this condition as normal. In the case of such a chronic course of the disease, you should pay attention to the following symptoms of your body:

  • redness of the eyes;
  • pain, sore throat;
  • cough;
  • fever.

All these symptoms signal to you that you needurgently postpone all cases and make a trip to the treating doctor. Seemingly frivolous, the disease, if it is started, leads to big problems. It should be feared that you can overtake chronic nasal congestion - treatment of her - much more laborious and unpleasant task.

Treatment of a runny nose and nasal congestion

Treatment of nasal congestion can be conditionally divided into two components - traditional drug treatment and therapypeople's means. After you agree on your treatment plan with your doctor, you should follow all the steps step-by-step. This is important for a successful outcome.

Do not complicate your life, it is better to see a doctor at an early stage of the disease and spend a few days restoring your health than to delay and get ail for months and years.

If the doctor has determined your nasal congestion for allergies - treatment will be aimed at removingexacerbation and alleviate allergy symptoms: eliminate the very stuffiness, allow the nose to breathe. In this case, oral and nasal agents, such as sprays, drops are administered. They narrow the vessels and reduce the amount of mucus secreted.

If nasal congestion is a symptom of respiratory infection. then the treatment is aimed at winning over the infection. As a rule, after the problem is eliminated, the edema passes by itself. It should be removed with appropriate means as discomfort develops.

It is worth noting that many people withmild symptoms of a cold immediately reach for antibiotics. Such a scheme is very dangerous for your health! Regularly receiving portions of these drugs, the bacteria get used to them, and soon learn to ignore them. And when you run into problems requiring antibiotics, you will be unpleasantly surprised that the medications will not help.

Treatment of nasal congestion with folk remedieshome conditions is possible only if you have discussed it with your doctor. Remember that the price of self-treatment is sometimes too high to take risks! Treatment of nasal congestion without a runny nose will go faster if you are helped by natural ingredients.

The main means can be:

  • the Kalanchoe juice. This excellent plant is usually grown at home especially for cases of colds. The process is very simple - First squeeze out the juice: open the leaves with a knife or spoon. Then, draw it into the pipette and bury it in your nose every three to four hours;
  • boiled egg. This remedy perfectly helps with swelling - just apply its hot halves of the egg to the wings of the nose. When the egg is cooled to the temperature of your body, change it to a new one;
  • boiled potatoes. Use it for inhalations - Weld a tuber in a uniform, drain the water and inhale the steam until the potatoes cool down;
  • sea ​​salt. The dosage of the desired solution is simple - a tablespoon per liter of water. Use this rinse aid, - and you will feel that the process of breathing is now much easier;
  • honey tampon. Saturate the cotton swab with honey and put it on the night in the nostril;
  • balm "Asterisk" - lubricate the wings of the nose and nostrils to facilitate breathing.

Treatment of nasal congestion in children is by the same rules as in adults. Only the dosage is reduced. After discussing the methods with your doctor, strictly follow them. - In the process of therapy, small family members should be attentive to details. Especially in the case if it is nasal congestion in the baby - treatment should be particularly accurate. Observe all dosages, because the baby is still too fragile and the consequences of incorrect techniques can adversely affect his condition.

Often, when the parent is concerned about the nasal congestion of a newborn baby - treatment prescribed by a doctor does not seem reliable. There is a feeling that the methods are too soft, that the baby is recovering very slowly, it is hard and bad for him. You want to see it as soon as possible, and the hand reaches out to more radical means. Remember - it is very dangerous! Do not self-medicate and do not change the appointment of a doctor at your own discretion.

Nasal congestion therapy is a complex of simple actions. All procedures are simple and do not take muchtime, drugs are mostly available and very sparing. Therefore, if such an ailment is found, the patient is given a huge choice of different methods of treatment. The decision remains exclusively for the patient, who, of course, must agree on his preferences with a specialist.

After carrying out of actions on treatment of a rhinitis,take care that the unpleasant symptom does not return. Prevention is reduced to the simplest actions. Increase your immunity, do not overcool and avoid drafts. In the allergic nature of the common cold, avoid contact with the allergen. And be healthy!