Causes of edema of the nasal mucosa without a cold

Edema of the nose without a runny nose

There are not many factors that contribute to the onset of edema of the nose without the appearance of a cold. These include:

  • mechanical damage to the nose;
  • neoplasm in the nose (tumors, adenoids);
  • congenital changes in the anatomical structure of the nose, in particular, curvature of the nasal septum;
  • upper respiratory tract infections with infectious diseases;
  • the onset of general hypothermia of the body;
  • reactions to various allergens;
  • changes in the hormonal background in the event of pregnancy.

The cause of edema without a runny nose is quitecan be determined on their own. The first three described factors are characteristic for edema of the nasal mucosa. flowing without the onset of a cold. If the abundant discharge from the nose is combined with pain in the throat, sneezing, an increase in body temperature, we can talk about the course of the inflammatory process as a result of infection, which is of a viral or bacterial nature. Nasal congestion, which is the result of an allergic reaction that occurs as a result of ingesting various antigens, such as household and building dust, chemicals and animal wool, causes a similar clinical picture.

The nasal mucosa swollen without a cold

Mucous nasal can erupt due to a variety ofreasons. This process can be caused by respiratory infections that occur without the onset of a cold, and this phenomenon can accompany allergic reactions, and such conditions can occur in people who have never experienced such discomfort. Whatever the case, the exact cause of the development of such conditions can only be determined by a specialist and should be addressed to him. In view of possible irreversible consequences, it is not necessary to engage in self-medication, since in case of severe edema it will be difficult to save the patient.

Children often cause swelling of the nose without a coldthere are adenoids, which are a hypertrophy of the tonsils of the nasopharynx. The emergence of such processes becomes possible as a result of frequent respiratory diseases, weakening of immunity and lack of vitamins.

Mucous nasal can begin to swell without a coldas a result of her traumatic injury. Features of the anatomy of a particular person and the severity of the resulting trauma determine the extent and magnitude of edema. In the event that a person has a significant level of immune protection, the process of restoring his tissues goes faster.

The appearance of edema, its symptoms are directly dependent on the causes that caused it. If it is caused by an allergic reaction, the following symptoms are expected:

In the event that the edema appeared due to ENT disease, the patient's condition can be characterized by such signs;

  • failures in breathing through the nose;
  • the beginning of clear or pus-containing discharge;
  • symptoms characteristic of respiratory infections.

Edema of the nose without a cold: treatment

Most often there is no difficultyto establish the cause of edema of the nose without a cold and take a decision on the conduct of certain medical procedures. In the case of young children, the swelling of the nose is not a particular pathology and in most cases can be eliminated by bringing the room temperature back to normal and conducting the standard humidification of the indoor air.

In the event that pathology causes a specificallergen, in order to eliminate the syndrome should simply get rid of this allergen. Puffiness of the nose, which has arisen for other reasons, is subject to more complex treatment, implying surgical intervention or use of medications. In view of all the above, it can be concluded that a doctor should be consulted in case of a swelling of the nose without a cold, even if the cause of the event is not exactly established. In addition to establishing an accurate diagnosis, the doctor is able to help in the selection of a specific treatment method, which will make it possible to avoid various complications.

If the edema of the nose is the result of curvatureseptum in the nose, you can eliminate the situation by performing a surgical procedure. The duration of the operation depends on the degree of deformation and its type and, as a rule, such an operation takes time from half an hour to an hour and a half. In the operation, the patient removes the overgrown cartilaginous tissue.

When swelling of the nose, which is taking place against the background of the absence of cough, the following medicines can help:

  • antihistamines Levocetirizine,Loratadine, Diazolin. The use of these agents can extinguish allergic reactions to a certain extent. It is necessary to seek consultation with an allergist, in order to detect the allergen itself, since it is extremely important to remove it from life altogether, and if it is not possible - to reduce contact with it due to causing an intense reaction of the organism;
  • can use drops to narrow the vessels from thecoryza, such as Naphthyzinum. Tysin. However, it must be remembered that these funds are good only as a temporary measure of application and the time of their use should not exceed one week in a row, since otherwise a sharp deterioration in the general state of the organism can be caused by provoking the onset of drug rhinitis;
  • In the event that the nose temporarily recoveredair, you can carry out its washing, for which you should use vasoconstrictor drops, then blow your nose and only then wash your nose with a solution of salt.

Specialists in the field of otolaryngology forremoval of edema of the nasopharynx in adults and children prescribe to patients drugs from such medication groups as drops for vasodilation, candies and ointments from nasal congestion. Among the vasodilating drops and nasal sprays should be used such effective drugs:

When choosing nasal drops, one should choose the means,containing in their composition of oil, because their use makes it possible to moisten the mucous membrane. Without a doctor's recommendation, you should not take such drugs, nor can you increase the dosage of medications and the timing of the course of treatment.

Methods for eliminating swelling in the nose are divided intomany varieties. They can be medicamental, surgical or folk, based on the use of traditional medicine. Surgical methods of treatment are called septoplastic and are performed today in the overwhelming majority of cases by the endoscopic method, that is, in a sparing mode. Medical methods provide for the use of various traditional medicine, among those described above. The folk methods of treating the swelling of the nose will be discussed below.

Folk remedies for edema of the nose have longproved their own effectiveness. They imply the use of various charges, which contain in their composition all kinds of herbs and roots. Such charges should be scalded with boiling water, poured with alcohol, and then insisted. It is proposed to perform a collection from the edema of the nasal mucosa, which can be used also for swelling of the throat:

- two tablespoons of calendula flowers,plantain, chamomile and a root of dried sage are poured with a liter of boiling water and insisted for eight hours. Take should be four times a day for one hundred grams.

- treatment of edema of the nose with salt. In a glass of warm, boiled water, you must put two tablespoons of sea salt. The solution should be rinsed with a syringe. The procedure should be repeated three times a day

- treatment of edema of the nose without a cold with the help ofessential oil. In boiled water, pine, fir or cedar oil is added. Formed steam should be inhaled for half an hour, pre-wrapped in a blanket. Repeat the procedure in the morning and before going to bed.

- treatment of edema of the nasal mucosa with the help of juiceplants. Edema of the nasal mucosa is easily eliminated by instillation of aloe, calanchoe or beet juice into the nose. The latter, as a rule, is mixed with fresh honey, while the onion juice should be mixed with vegetable oil. A good effect is the usual breathing over a cut onion. If such a procedure is carried out with a sufficient degree of regularity, after a while, the edema will not be remembered.