How to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa

Swelling of the nasal mucosa may occur due todevelopment of the inflammatory process in the cavity. Usually, the swelling of the nasal mucosa is a variation of some inflammation process. Swelling of the nasal mucosa can occur due to hypothermia of the whole body, due to prolonged overstrain of the vocal cords, prolonged breathing of cold air through the mouth, because of smoking or alcohol abuse and so on. Even too hot or, on the contrary, cold food can lead to swelling of the nasopharynx.

Edema of the nasal mucosa can develop inaccompanied by a sensation of perspiration on the back wall of the pharynx, pain during swallowing, dryness in the mouth and coughing. At first, the cough is dry, with time passes into a wet cough with phlegm. Such signs can be supplemented by weakness and high temperature.

Very effective in swelling of the nasal mucosa is helped by folk remedies.

One tablespoon of a special collection of herbs to brew a glass of steep boiling water, a little insist and then carefully strain. This infusion is very useful for the treatment of swollen sore throat.

Collection of swelling of the nasal mucosa and throat:

- two tablespoons of herbs of calendula;

- the same dried plantain;

- a tablespoon of dried and crushed althea root;

- A tablespoon of chamomile.

A couple of tablespoons of this collection brew a glass of boiling water, for thirty minutes to insist and how to drain. Drink half a glass several times a day.

Collecting from inflammation in the nasopharynx:

- two tablespoons of marigold;

- the same number of mother-and-stepmother;

- one tablespoon of roots of elecampane and eucalyptus leaves.

Such a natural herb collection is very useful formore rapid sputum discharge. The principle of brewing is similar - a tablespoon to a glass of water. This infusion is taken orally in half a glass.

Help with swelling of the nasopharynx casting plantain. Decoction of the leaves must be drunk with a dry cough without phlegm. To prepare the broth, brew 200 ml of boiling water a tablespoon of herbs. Infusion is maintained for three hours, then filtered. Is ingested by one tablespoon at least five times a day.

With edema of the nasopharynx accompanied byinflammation, take a decoction of pine buds. This remedy is equally good for both dry and moist cough. For infusion, take half a tablespoon of kidneys and boil it with boiling water. The infusion is held in the thermos for 1 hour and filtered. When seizures, it is useful to drink a couple of sips.

Remedies for edema of the nasal mucosa and throat

Kalanchoe. If the swelling of the nasopharynx is accompanied by a runny nose, it is useful to drip into each nasal passage along a pair of drops of freshly squeezed juice of this plant.

Labrador tea marsh. It helps infusion on the oil of this plant. To make a medicine, take one tablespoon of dried and crushed leaves of grass, pour half a glass of oil. It is better to use natural olive oil. Before use, the product should be infused for twenty-one days in a dark place. Infusion should be shaken regularly. The first time in each nasal passage is buried three drops. Then in each nostril it is necessary to drip on one drop means.

Inflammation and edema of the nasal mucosa

Leaves of medicinal plantain used inform of syrup for the treatment of dry cough. It is believed that such a drug contributes to the separation of sputum. For cooking, take two dessert or one and a half tablespoons of dried and chopped leaves, fill it with several tablespoons of ordinary sugar. Instead of sugar, you can use natural honey. Then put the product in the oven for five hours.

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