What to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa in the home

Quite often among diseases of the upperrespiratory tract swelling of the nasal mucosa. Treatment should come immediately. This will be discussed in this article. Swelling occurs for various reasons, but in all cases a person tries to get rid of unpleasant sensations as soon as possible.

Ode of the mucous nose. CAUSES

- The first reason that can lead to edema is a respiratory illness, such as, for example, a cold.

- Also, edema can be a consequence of an allergy.

- And finally, a trauma to the nose.

In the first two cases, edema can be eliminatedindependently, however, the latter requires detailed examination from a traumatologist. As with a trauma of the nose tissue is damaged, and it is impossible to restore the tissue envelope without a specialist.


The first thing you should do is go toadmission to the ENT. An otolaryngologist is a qualified specialist who will help you find the root cause of edema. He will look at the nasal passages, and then prescribe the treatment. If you can not visit a doctor in any situation, you can start self-treatment.

First, consider edema due to acute respiratory disease. At once it is necessary to warn, that on fast and definitive convalescence it is not necessary to hope.

The first: the washing of the nose. It is desirable (especially for colds) to wash out with a warm solution with the addition of sea salt. Such procedures are conducted no more than 3 times a day. And what is more important, salt solutions should be treated with caution, do not overdo it! Abuse of this procedure can lead to the opposite consequences. Vasoconstrictive drops are a good option for rapid removal of edema. Here, too, should be kept within normal limits (not more than five days), since such drugs can lead to addiction. Excellent removes the symptoms of edema and the edema of the drug in drops called "Sinupret."

The next reason is an allergy. Allergies can occur due to contact with a substance. This can happen if you did not suspect a reaction that could occur in interaction with this substance, or it is a forced contact. Symptoms are as follows: first of all, sneezing (frequent), almost instantaneous edema of the nasal mucosa and, finally, colorless discharge. What you need to do:

-following antihistamines, which were previously used.

wash with warm water, or brothchamomile. Other herbs are not suitable for the removal of edema due to allergies, as this can complicate the situation. This procedure will save you from secretion, it will help you to remove the edema very well.

- Preparations "Tavegil" and "Zirtek" will help you in the fight against swelling of the nasal mucosa.

Edema of the nasal mucosa. Treatment with other methods.

- It's all kinds of baths and massages. An excellent effect will give a contrast bath for the feet. A massage should be done in the area of ​​active points, such as the eyebrows and wings of the nose.

- The stuffy nose is not the most pleasant thing. Aerosol preparations and sprays are what you need. It is better that these preparations contain essential oils.

- Inhalations. Steam inhalations are also carried out with the addition of essential oils of fir, pine or cedar. The procedure is carried out several times a day. Removing edema and restoring breathing will come gradually.

- Well, do not forget about folk medicine. Of folk methods - this is instilling in the nose juice of beets, onion juice, juice Kalanchoe or aloe juice. But! Do not forget about the norm.

Sometimes it can be that all of the abovemethods do not help and edema does not disappear. Then you should definitely go to the hospital. Edema can be caused by a neoplasm in the nose that occurs after a prolonged course of the disease or there is a genetic predisposition. In any case, if you have found an edema of the nasal mucosa, treatment should be literate and immediate.