Edema of the sinuses of the nose

The entire spectrum of inflammatory diseases, localized in the paranasal sinuses, has one common name - sinusitis. A person has several similar sinuses:

Any pathological process in the nasal cavity,accompanied by inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane, provokes inflammation and swelling and in the sinuses. In turn, the swelling of the nasal mucosa helps close the hole, due to which one or another sinus communicates with the nasal cavity. This causes accumulation inside the sinus of mucus, which exerts pressure on its walls, or the occurrence of a pressing vacuum. Either way, the patient experiences pain and discomfort. The root cause of sinusitis is always an infection (viral or bacterial).

  • pain localized in the head and forehead, teeth, cheekbones, eyes, or cheeks;
  • feeling of raspiraniya in these areas;
  • exacerbation of the sensitivity of a part of the face;
  • redness of the skin of the face or any part of it;
  • the appearance of painful points on the face;
  • runny nose, nasal congestion;
  • Temperature increase.

Depending on which of the subordinate sinuses is affected, distinguish:

  • frontitis - characterized by dull pain in the frontal region, often in the morning, after awakening;
  • sinusitis - pain is localized in the region of the teeth and upper jaw, the cheek from the affected side is painful when touched;
  • etmoiditis - inflammation of the sinus - oftenis accompanied by the involvement of the eye and eyelid tissues in the pathological process. The pain is localized in the interocular region. If the inflammation spreads to the tissues of the nose, then loss of smell, a swelling of the nose and its painfulness when touching;
  • inflammation of the sphenoidal sinus - a characteristic pain in the neck, ears and headaches. Specific secretions can irritate the throat, causing laryngitis.

Only on complaints of the patient it is difficultTo determine which of the paranasal sinuses is affected. An X-ray examination, or MRI, is necessary. In addition to the above symptoms, sinusitis can be accompanied by fever, increased fatigue, general weakness, worse at night, coughing. In some cases, an infection of the brain can become a complication of sinusitis.

Treatment in Germany of chronic sinusitis consists of several stages:

  1. To treat edema of the nasal mucosa and ensure the outflow of mucous contents of the sinus, vasoconstrictor drops are used.
  2. At the same time, funds suppressinginflammation (including antihistamines) and drugs that directly affect the pathogens of infection (antiviral or antibacterial).

Purulent inflammation of the sinus of the nose involves treatment with antibiotics.

Cost of examination, consultations with sinusitis - about 600-900 Euro, 1 day.

The cost of surgical treatment in Germany - 3,5 - 5,5 thousand euros, 5 days in the clinic, on average.

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