How to get rid of swelling of the body

If you are often concerned about FATHERNESS and the puffiness of the face

First of all you need to attend to your health. First of all, check whether it is associated with heart disease, kidney disease, and sometimes the liver. Limit the consumption of liquid and salt. Or vice versa, bring the drinking regime to the norm in order to activate the metabolism.

You can go to vegetarian soups, natural kefir, they normalize urination and normalize metabolism, which favorably affects the tone of tissues.
And gradually go out to healthy food. Excess amount of salt. unnatural food with the addition of various flavor enhancers, long-term preservation of the products to no health, but lead to that. that we are clogging the cells is not known what kind of food, and the metabolism is deteriorating and deteriorating. Although the body cells are in a hungry state, we constantly want to eat.

Therefore, change food for healthy foods andedema. the puffiness will go away. That is, go for a healthy lifestyle. Not right away. but you will get a normal shape of the body and face. Only this need to strive and try very hard.

Treatment complement masks: potato (raw potatoes grate on a small grater, squeeze lightly, put the mass on a gauze napkin and putting on your face, lightly moisten with juice);

teaspoonful (draining tea, thickening the face in the same way as potato);

pumpkin (2 tablespoons finely choppedpumpkin to bring on low heat to a homogeneous consistency in a small amount of water, add half a teaspoon of honey, mix well). The mask is placed on the cheesecloth, the compress paper is put on top.

If the centuries are passing away. help the case mask from the roots of parsley, passed through a meat grinder or grated on a small grater. Hold the mask for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The cream after it is not necessary to impose.

I take off the puffiness of my face, around my eyes with a mask ofblue clay. After it leaves puffiness, it tightens the contours of the face, the wrinkles are slightly smoothed, the complexion acquires a healthy appearance. True. if the skin is dry, then add a few drops of olive juice to the spoon of the dissolved clay.

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