Edema of the nasopharynx without a cold

Bury in the nose vasoconstrictive drops ("Tysin", ""Nazivin", "Sanorin", "Galazolin" and others). They are good as an emergency aid, since they prevent swelling of the mucous membrane and prevent the release of mucus. Drops act for 6-12 hours, after which the blood vessels in the nose again expand and the stuffiness of the nose returns. Vasoconstrictors will not help to heal completely, but they can significantly alleviate the condition. They can be used as an additional method, but the main treatment should be aimed at eliminating the cause of nasopharyngeal edema. Do not use such remedies for more than 5 days, they are addictive, as a result of which their cancellation can eventually aggravate your condition.

If the swelling of the nasopharynx is caused by an allergy, use antihistamines. Identify the allergen that triggered nasal congestion, and if possible, exclude contact with it.

If swelling is caused by inflammation, rinsenose. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm boiled water (temperature 40-42 ° C). Type 2-3 ml of the solution into the syringe without needles and, without tilting the head back, alternately enter the liquid into each nostril. After the procedure, blow your nose. Rinse daily 3-4 times. Already on the second day of treatment the inflammation will begin to decrease, as a result of which the swelling of the nasopharynx will independently come to naught.

Use homeopathic drops and sprays, for example "Euphorbium compositum" or "Edas-131". They quickly eliminate the swelling of the nasopharynx, but, unlike vasoconstrictors, do not cause addiction.

Mix in different proportions liquid honey and aloe juice. Inject 2-3 drops into each nostril. After 10-15 minutes, the swelling of the nasopharynx will subside.

Inject the freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice into your nose. It not only helps to eliminate the swelling of the nasopharynx, but also effectively fights against the common cold.

If home treatment is not effective, consult a doctor. In some cases, radical measures are needed, for example, electroplasma coagulation of the inferior nasal concha.