How to remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa after the vasoconstrictor drops

1. You can drip your nose with freshly squeezed aloe juice or Kalanchoe. This exercise will remove inflammation, purify the blood, provide the body with useful substances. Bury it 3-4 times a day, in each nostril 3-5 drops. Remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa can also be by dripping a mixture of onion juice and vegetable oil. In the absence of allergies, freshly prepared beet juice can be dripped into the nose.

2. You can make inhalations with decoctions of medicinal herbs (eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile, sage, pine buds), with essential oils (eucalyptus or fir). A good effect will be given by inhalation with Vietnamese balm "Asterisk". It is necessary to pour boiling water into the glass, add the "star" balsam on the tip of the knife, and, covering the head with a blanket, breathe over the glass (nose, not mouth). The procedure is not the most pleasant, but the most brutal runny nose breaks through.

3. If the nose is strongly embedded, you can use vasoconstrictive drugs in the form of drops or sprays that have anti-edematous effect. When the blood vessels in the nasal cavity contract, then the mucus secretion decreases, breathing becomes much easier. But it must be remembered that these remedies do not cure, but only relieve symptoms for a while. They are used to prevent otitis and respiratory tract. Use them must be strictly according to the instructions and not more than 7 days. Otherwise, the body becomes accustomed to and, without drops, the vessels will cease to narrow completely.

4. The reception of antihistamines is indicated, when the common cold is allergic in nature. These drugs are released in the form of tablets, syrup and a spray for the nose.

5. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, use multivitamins.

6. To cure the nose, after a while after using vasoconstrictive drops, it is necessary to inject an anti-inflammatory agent, for example, sea buckthorn oil.

7. Before going to bed, it is good to warm up the nose by attaching a bag with a large salt or flax seeds heated on a frying pan.

8. Wings of the nose can be lubricated with camphor oil or balm "Asterisk".