Edema of the face is a runny nose

Hello. I have such a problem.3 years ago I suffered a disease surrounding herpes on the lip and nose and the subsequent edema of the lip, nose and lower eyelid with redness of the skin. This condition lasted 2 months. Then the swelling was asleep but not completely. Now the slightest cold and I have a swollen nose and lower eyelid with nasal congestion. I made CT of the maxillary sinuses of my nose and found a 9 mm maxillary sinus and left sinus on my left side. My cyst was operated on in 2011 and right now there is an edema after the surgery for 2 years and pains on facial palpation . And still at me the rhinitis does not pass or take place 3 years. In the mornings I wake up a nose does not breathe especially from the right party or side and swells most of all from the right party or side. Still they viscous in the mornings and wears smells and korki happen in a nose and dryness of a nose.