Feeling of an edema on the face

The lump in the throat causes a lot of trouble due to the fact that there are many reasons that could lead to such a condition. Most often there is a feeling of swelling in the throat with a cold.

In this case, the most effective way to eliminate is not to fight the symptom itself, but to cure the cold.

Causes of swelling in the throat

In addition to the swelling of the throat for colds, the following are the most common symptoms:

Swelling of the throat can also occur with more severe symptoms in the form of secretion of expectorating thick mucus against a background of high temperature, which may indicate the presence of pneumonia.

Often, the swelling of the throat is due to the swelling of the upper palate, which can give an inflamed nasopharynx. Such complications are more typical of acute rhinitis, sinusitis and sinusitis.

Often an excessive increase in tissue causes adenoids. In this case, the palatine tongue under the action of the edema shifts downward and irritates when the larynx is swallowed.

Swelling of the throat often occurs under the influence of laryngitis, pharyngitis or sore throat. At the same time the greatest irritation is observed in heavy smokers.

Treatment of swelling of the throat with colds

If it is a common cold, then treatmentedema is reduced to fighting precisely with it. As a rule, in this case, rarely resort to antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, but use simple improvised means:

  1. Hot bath for feet.
  2. Reinforced dose of vitamin C.
  3. Warm milk.
  4. Hot herbal teas and infusions.

When swelling of the throat, it is important to normalize the condition of the nasopharynx, for this purpose they resort to washing with saline solution or use sprays of the type "Vnanos", "Snoop", "Nazol", "Fervex", "Sinuforte".

With inflammation of the throat, it will be helpful to eat warmly, alkaline inhalation, rinse with chamomile and sage broths, warm the compress, stop smoking and solid food.