You are swollen face difficult for you

How to remove the swelling from the face? What to do in a strong puffiness? 2. The cause of edema of the right or left side of the face can be ENT diseases, for example, sinusitis. If you have swollen face, the reasons for this may be different.

To successfully combat this unpleasant condition, you need to understand why the face swells. The face is swollen due to many reasons, manifesting itself more in the morning or evening, especially during the hot period.

In such situations, the appearance of swelling on the faceinevitably. The fight against swelling of the face after taking alcohol will be unsuccessful without eliminating the main cause of puffiness - regular use of alcohol.

The lasting edemas of the face is a rather serious sign of impairment of the body's functional capabilities, disorders of vital processes and systems.

If the child's face is swollen, first of allit is necessary to exclude renal pathology and impaired excretory system: most often with this are associated edemas of varying degrees in preschool children. The face in children can swell with a significant loss of protein due to various pathological conditions, with liver diseases.

A slight puffiness of the face, especially in the second half of pregnancy, is a completely physiological condition. If the face is very swollen, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the root cause of this condition.

Allergic reaction is fast, and sometimesand an instant increase in symptoms, the face swells up almost "in front of". Unilateral puffiness is manifested by the visible swelling of one half of the face under the normal condition of the opposite side.

Left sided swelling on the face can beprovoked by an inflammatory process in the left side of the head, or an allergic manifestation of the individual sensitivity of the body. In order to effectively get rid of swollen face, you need to know what exactly led to this state.

It is not always so. The swelling on the face in the morning can be a signal of a more serious illness, so when you get swelling of the face it is worth going to a doctor or to a checkup.

When does the right side of the face swell up?

Some doctors consider edema of the face to manifestationsurolithiasis, pyelonephritis, or kidney failure. 1. The use of salt in food in large quantities (more than 5 grams per day) can cause swelling of the face, tk. fluid is retained in the body.

9. The next reason for the appearance of edema under the eyes and on the face are heart problems and heart failure. Allergic edema of the face is very dangerous, because When reacting with an allergen, you may develop Quincke's swelling.

12. Lack of sleep, hard days, fatigue affect your appearance. Because of chronic fatigue, you will have swelling of the face and dark circles and bags under the eyes. 1. The cause of unilateral facial edema may be that you sleep on one side, and during the day you drink a lot of fluids.

Most often, the swelling on the face, we find it in the morning, when, having risen from the bed from the fifth alarm signal, we run to the mirror to quickly wash and go to work.

If the child's face is swollen?

How to get rid of puffiness on the face and around the eyeswith the help of folk remedies? Diarrhea herbal preparations or preparations will help to get rid of edema of the face. To quickly and lechego eliminate morning swelling (after drinking, sleepless nights or severe stress), wipe the face and areas around the eyes with an ice cube.

Puffed face after sleep? Causes?

Do this by finger pads, it is not necessarypress on the face with the entire palm of your hand. Apply the mask for 15 minutes on face and rinse. Swelling of the face in the child can occur during influenza, colds, sore throats. Swelling of the face is usually a consequence of fluid retention in the body.

Treatment - how to remove face swelling

In addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor,edema of the face will help you the following means. First of all, to remove swelling from the face, you should take under strict control the amount of salt you use, the excess of which detains fluid in the body.

It is necessary to exclude the use of other products,preventing the removal of fluid and affecting the severe swelling of the face: conservation, smoked products, etc. If the edema of the face is strong and constant, the diuretics, for example, herbal infusions, can help to remove the liquid from the body.

The swelling of the upper eyelids can also be caused by differentreasons. Inflammation causes redness and swelling, and these phenomena can be, only on the skin, though, and can spread, to the face and conjunctiva.

But after all, not only the face sweats after drinking and even beer. Extra fluid accumulates in bags under the eyes and legs, and the entire body can spread.

Regular appearance of swelling of the face without an obvious onthen the reasons - this is a serious reason to call a doctor. If the swelling occurs continuously in the morning, you should look for the provoking factors that cause their appearance.

Why does alcohol swell after alcohol?

A swollen face in the morning can be associated with an uncomfortable and uncomfortable posture of a sleeping person, which provokes stagnation of blood and lymph, worsens the process of drainage and drainage of fluid from the facial tissues.

Puffy face is typical for almost everyonepatients who have been drinking alcoholic drinks for a long time. Swelling of the face in alcoholics becomes pronounced and constant with chronic dependence on alcohol, especially with a decent experience of taking alcoholic beverages.

Reason two: Edema on eyes due to barley and how to recognize

Among other manifestations of vegetative disorders in a state of a hangover, in most cases, swelling of a person of varying intensity is noted.

What kind of pathology led to the swelling of half of the face, we can say only on the basis of anamnesis, visual examination and some laboratory studies.

The main causes may be dental, neurological, otorhinolaryngological problems, which are identified only when carrying out a number of additional studies.

Unilateral swelling of the face can be manifested as a result of pathological processes in the central nervous system, affecting the nervous vasomotor fibers unilaterally.

The cause of edema of the face in the child is an infectious disease - mumps.