Dense swelling of the face

Pain in the muscles as a symptom of dermatomyositis

Dermatomyositis - a combination of inflammation of the muscles and skin, polymyositis.

Pain can occur with cancer of any typelocalization. There is tension and swelling of the muscles, flexion contractures, muscle atrophy is gradually developing. Gradually amazed by all the muscles.

The nature of pain is a pain of low intensity,increases with movement and palpation. The volume of movements is limited due to weakness, contractures. The muscle weakness is steadily progressing (a person can not change clothes, brush his hair, get out of bed).

Concomitant conditions: redness and puffiness of the eyelids, skin rashes, itching, dense swelling of the face, hands, erythema in the open areas of the body, fever, hair loss.

"Weakness, muscle aches, rashes, skin itching, facial swelling" - an article from the section Symptomatic Symptoms of Diseases