Flax seeds with swelling of the face

Linen - source of microelements, vitamins,vegetable high-grade protein, fiber. A small seed of this plant contains so much healthy for the human body. The Latin name of flax is "the most useful".

This is the oldest cultivated man planthas always been valued for its medicinal properties. The use in traditional medicine of flax seed has long been revered for the treatment of many diseases. Here are some recipes.

With edema of the face and legs

Four teaspoons of flax seeds pour onea liter of water, boil ten to fifteen minutes. Then put the closed pan for one hour in a warm place. Decoction can not filter. Drink half the glass hot every two hours to eight times a day (for flavor you can add lemon juice). After two to three weeks, swelling will come down. This remedy removes the swelling of the face, caused by diseases of the kidneys and heart.

With inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract

The use in folk medicine of flax seedbrewing generous mucus, which has anti-inflammatory, enveloping, softening properties for inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, bladder, kidneys, bronchi.

It is used to treat peptic ulcerduodenum and stomach. gastritis, chronic colitis, cystitis, dysbiosis, bronchitis. To prepare a medicine, one teaspoon of seeds should be filled with half a glass of boiling water, mixed for fifteen minutes, filtered. Take the resulting mucus in two tablespoons three to four times a day.

Flax seeds - Excellent immunomodulator. Weakened immunity can be strengthened by preparing a sweet medicine. Grind in a coffee grinder three teaspoons of flax seeds, mix with one teaspoon of honey or sugar, give the mixture to weakened children one teaspoon two to three times a day.

Two teaspoons of flax seeds, pour a half cups of boiling water, insist for ten minutes, then shake for ten minutes, strain, and drink on empty stomach half a glass of slime.

Flax seed is an excellent remedy for constipation. The easiest option is to eat one or two tablespoons of seeds, drink a glass of water. You can grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder. Swelling of flax occurs in the intestines, then it works "like a broom". The effect of seeds will increase if they are mixed with honey 1: 1. With inflammation in the intestine, flaxseed before use soak.

A tablespoon of seeds pour 2 cups of boiling water, insist an hour, drain. Tincture of drinking one glass in the morning on an empty stomach and before going to bed.

Compresses from flax seeds are used for treatment. To warm flax seeds in a frying pan, pour into bags and apply to the affected joint.

With gout and rheumatism

Two teaspoons of flax seeds pour a halfglasses of water, boil for fifteen minutes over low heat, let it brew for another ten minutes. Pour into a bottle, close it and mix the broth for another five minutes. Strain, drink on a tablespoon four to five times a day.

One - three teaspoons of flax seeds pour a glass of boiled cold water, insist two to three hours, stirring occasionally. Drink all the infusion before going to bed.

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