Why does the right side of the face swell?

Topic: Right side of the face

Hello, Doctor! I am 35 years old. Already 2 weeks the right side of the face swells. First the upper eyelid was swollen, then the upper and lower, now the entire right side of the face was swollen. By the evening the edema almost subsides, in the morning I can not open my eyes again. From the oculist, it's okay, he prescribed allergy pills (loragexane) - it did not help. The endocrinologist said "not mine," a neurologist and an ENT too. Tell me, whom to contact? Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Dear Irina! Try to address in our clinic on consultation to the doctor to the allergist-immunologist on phone 8-499-172-57-13. He will conduct the necessary examinations to identify the causes of your illness and will prescribe adequate therapy. Yours faithfully, the doctor-therapist of the highest category Sokirko S.L.