Strongly swollen face in the morning

Recently, I work a lot, I sleep a little (althoughrarely less than 5-6 hours). In the morning swollen and "crumpled" face, especially the eyes, i.e. lower eyelids. After a couple of hours, the puffiness disappears, remains a little bit along the edge of the lower eyelids. Plus, while I get to work, I get gray skin over my upper lip, as if dirt, from the morning of the house is normal. The eyes by the evening are not swollen, but rather fallen, from the nose at the eyes of the blue spots. However, I am quite thin - 48 kg with a height of 168. What could be the cause of edematous eyes and blue? Handed over in January a clinical blood test, it is normal, hemoglobin even on the upper border. Thank you.

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In the morning, the face swells: (After the night, swells under the eyes (big bags) and strongly.

Puffiness of the eyelids and bags under the eyes I have had eyelids and bags under my eyes for about a year now.

The beginning to swell the face Already 3 weeks ago the beginning to swell the face on slightly, now very much.

Swollen eyelids in the morning For two months in the morning, swollen eyelids, a burning sensation.

Edema under the right eye Prompt please, at me a tumescence under the right bottom.

Causes of swelling of the face In the mornings I feel very bad, it's hard to get up, regardless.

The right upper eyelid swelled up. I had a right upper eyelid and the inner side.

Diagnosis of the disease In the morning the red upper eyelids swell around the face in the evening.

A white stain under the eyelid Today, she discovered a white spot under the eyelid. If you are.

The lower eyelid swells Up the lower eyelid swells throughout the year, the dry eye effect is washed.

Edema of the eyelid My upper eyelid is swollen on the left eye. The picture showed the swelling of the sinus of the nose.

The eyelid swells At the daughter the third day the upper eyelid on the right eye swells up, by the evening a swelling.

The left eye of Alice swells 5 months (pregnancy and childbirth went well, without complications.

Inflammation of the lower eyelid Contact with ARVI, pool. By the evening the left lower eyelid swells.

The eyelid has swollen The child's left eyelid has swelled up, for already 3 weeks, it's not it.

Swelling of the upper and lower eyelids A week ago I woke up and saw on the right eye.

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Hello. You yourself call the reasons, you need to sleep more, rest, and be outdoors. Try to limit the amount of fluid used, go to a cosmetologist, just in case, give a general analysis of urine and blood for urea and creatinine.
Good luck.