Why swelling on the face when you take soda

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from what I found on the Internet:
Causes of Edema

The swelling of the face is usually the result of delayfluid in the body. This phenomenon can be provoked by various factors, for example, diseases. These include disorders of the cardiovascular and endocrine system, liver and kidneys. If the appearance of edema on the face is accompanied by shortness of breath, then, most likely, the reason lies in heart problems, and the cyanotic pallor of the face in conjunction with its edema is a characteristic sign of vascular disease. Severe edema of the lower eyelids signals a malfunction in the kidneys.

There are other reasons thatthe answer to the question of why the face swells. For example, swelling on the face can occur due to lack of a number of vitamins and trace elements. But a healthy person can "earn" edema in the event of improper nutrition (with diets). violation of the regime of the day or overwork. Edema can be a manifestation of allergies, especially if it is accompanied by rashes on the skin and shortness of breath. In any case, with the regular appearance of swelling of the face, you should consult a doctor and undergo a checkup to identify the true cause of the swelling and eliminate it.

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I only swell in the summer, allergens are active.

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