Sore throat on one side

Discomfort in the larynx is not enough for anyonean unusual and alarming sign, especially when there are obvious signs of a cold. And even if the throat hurts on the one hand, many people do not pay attention to it and most often treat it in the same way as the usual sore throat, which is fundamentally erroneous. After all, the occurrence of such pain can talk about various diseases.

Why does one side of the throat ache?

Pain sensations on the one hand canto testify that the infection is localized and the inflammatory process has spread only on a certain site. It is very important to determine what is its cause.

The main provoking factors may be:

The localization of infection in tonsillitis can be manifested by the appearance of a yellow or white spot with pus on the surface of one amygdala, and with pharyngeal, swollen lymph nodes.

Often the throat on the left side hurts because of the streptococcal bacteria, which can provoke the appearance of a rash in the upper part of the mouth, white spots and streaks on the tonsils.

Often it happens that the left side of the throat hurts, and pain gives in the ear. This may indicate the presence of otitis media, which requires comprehensive and serious treatment.

With painful sensations from one side only and the stuffiness of the nose, one can speak of unilateral sinusitis.

It is very important to gargle with such diseases, to consume a large amount of fluid and, based on the cause of the disease, to conduct a course of antibiotic treatment.

Sore throat from the outside

It happens that there are pains not from the inside, butfrom the outside. This can be triggered by osteochondrosis or muscle spasm. For example, the sensations are provoked by an uncomfortable pose during sleep or by hypothermia on one side.

Note that the right side of the throat hurts with the following diseases:

Sometimes the cause of such pain can become commonplacedraft that caused pain or numbness as a result of muscle strain, but if the pain does not disappear for a long time, and there is general malaise, as well as a fever, then a specialist consultation is necessary. With the complexity of determining the diagnosis, doctors can prescribe MRI of the cervical spine. and also take blood for analysis to rule out the possibility of malignant tumors.