With a strong swelling of the throat

A strong tearing cough, stitching or cutting pains in the throat, dryness, perspiration, redness, hoarseness of the voice can be symptoms of flu and cold, accompanied by pharyngitis and laryngitis.
With pharyngitis, the mucousa shell of the posterior pharyngeal wall. In the throat is pershit, painful to swallow. In addition, the patient suffers from attacks of dry cough, not bringing relief. When the patient is examined, the red sore throat is visible, it can be covered with pus or film.

Laryngitis is characterized by mucosal inflammationlarynx and vocal cords. At the patient the voice disappears, he hoarse and hardly audible. The patient complains of sore throat and severe attacks of dry cough.

With such symptoms, patients are advised not tostrain your throat, talk less and drink more. Good help is warm milk with butter and honey, tea with honey, mint, raspberry jam, compotes, warm mineral water without gas.

From the diet it is necessary to exclude the food that will beirritate the sore throat and provoke a cough. This list includes spicy and salty foods, spices and spices. In addition, patients should not smoke and drink alcohol.

In the treatment of pharyngitis and laryngitis are appointedantimicrobial or antiviral drugs, as these diseases can be caused by colds and flu. To maintain immunity, one must consume vitamins and immunomodulators. To facilitate the patient's condition, a physician can prescribe a course of physiotherapy, inhalations with medicinal herbs (sage, chamomile, calendula) that can be done at home are also good. Good effect on the sore throat and warming alcohol compresses or iodine net.

Prevention of laryngitis and pharyngitis isgeneral strengthening of the body, the purpose of which is to make the body resistant to colds. To do this, you must adhere to the basic rules of personal hygiene, often wash your hands with soap and do not touch your mouth and nose with dirty hands.

To strengthen the throat and lungs will help daily walks in the fresh air at any time of the year, as well as a method of tempering, like wiping with cool water in the morning.

During walks in the cold season it is necessaryavoid hypothermia: do not talk in the cold, do not freeze, keep your head and feet warm - wear shoes and hats that match the weather.

With a predisposition to diseases of the throat and coughIt is necessary to keep the house clean, daily wiping the dust and timely carrying out a wet cleaning. In addition, you need to daily ventilate the room, clean cool, well-moistened air is the best prevention of diseases associated with respiratory organs.