Swollen tongue in throat

The throat, like any other organ in the body,is susceptible to various neoplasms, both benign and malignant. The most common of these are various benign tumors of the tongue in the throat. Often the situation with the fact that the tongue in the throat is swollen is directly related to the patient's work activity, namely: with voice loads, for example, teachers and telecom operators. Rarely, but occurs in young children, the cause of which is a prolonged and frequent scream.

Symptoms of the disease: sharp discomfort during conversation, loss of clarity of sound, hoarseness. Upon careful examination of the patient, the doctor observes that the vocal cavity is not closed, since the nodules that are located in front and behind on the vocal cords do not close. Treatment is appointed by an otolaryngologist after examination. If the form of the disease is not started and small nodules, the patient is advised to restrict speaking, which will reduce edema, since the load on the vocal cords will decrease. If the nodules are in advanced form and greatly enlarged, a surgical method is used, and then the patient is expected to have a rehabilitation period to fully restore the voice.

When surgical intervention is required

If the tongue in the throat is swollen, a possible causethere may also be polyps of vocal folds. Symptoms: sharp cracked voice, discomfort during conversation. Polyps grow on an unoccupied place of vocal folds, they are not on bindings. The method of treatment is only surgical, with the subsequent rehabilitation of the patient. The reason that the tongue in the throat is swollen, maybe a cyst in the larynx. It can be located on the epiglottis next to the vocal folds and tongue, and it is at this point that the cyst can reach large sizes. While the cyst of the epiglottis is small, it does not cause any discomfort, but with its growth in patients there is discomfort and sensation of foreign matter in the throat, difficulty swallowing, voice changes. The diagnosis is established only after a thorough examination.

If the tongue in the throat is swollen, perhaps the cause is the laryngocele, that is, the air cyst in the larynx. There are two types of this disease:

- Laryngocele internal - is detected when the voice changes and often with difficulty breathing;

- Laryngocele external - signs of internal laryngocel disappear, and periodic swelling appears on the side of the neck.

Treatment of laryngocel is performed onlysurgically. A swelling in the throat can cause a granuloma. With granuloma, the tongue in the throat swells, but this infirmity is rare. Symptoms of the disease are similar to those of other tumors in the throat:

- Feeling of a foreign object in the throat, difficulty in swallowing.

- Severe voice, which causes discomfort to the patient.

Treatment of granulomas only surgically

In any case, you can not start the disease, you need to contact the otolaryngologist in a timely manner. Treatment, time-consuming, will not allow a benign tumor to degenerate into a malignant tumor.