What to do if the throat swelling

With inflammatory edema of the epiglottisof patients there is a feeling of pressure, pain when swallowing, the feeling of a foreign body, choking, feeling of constriction or tension of the larynx. It is worth remembering that with the edema of the larynx the condition of conditioned well-being can suddenly be replaced by the phenomenon of severe stenosis. In such cases, when swelling rapidly builds up, acute stenosis of the larynx occurs, which causes a serious picture of suffocation that threatens the patient's life.

How is the laryngeal edema manifested

In the case of a significant edema scoop-epiglottis folds, lesion of the vocal cords appear:

  • stenosis of the larynx, which increases with the horizontal position of the victim and during his sleep;
  • violations in the voice (due to loss of mobility of the arytenoid cartilage, inflammation of the true vocal cords);

Slowly developing or mild non-inflammatory edema passes unnoticed for the injured.

How to treat larynx edema

At the very onset of inflammation, there is reason to swallowing ice slices. At the same time, warming compresses are prescribed,putting leeches, poultices on the neck. Sometimes the incisions are performed on the swollen mucous larynx. The causative focus of suppuration in the larynx is revealed, as are the adjacent organs (this helps to quickly eliminate the laryngeal edema). If there are threatening phenomena of suffocation, the opening of the abscess is preceded by a tracheotomy. Striking benefits for edema of the larynx occur when inhaled oxygen.

How is angioedema treated?

With swelling of this type is introduced :

  • atropine - subcutaneously;
  • solution of calcium chloride;
  • Dimedrol - with beginning of edema of the larynx;
  • cortisone;
  • adrenocorticotropic hormone;
  • dehydrocortisone - intramuscularly and in the form of tablets;
  • glucose intravenously;
  • urotropin;
  • cervical novocaine blockade is performed.
  • intranasal novocain blockade;
  • mustards to calves;
  • hot foot baths - as a distraction;
  • heart means - with edema of cardiac origin;
  • restriction of table salt;
  • restriction of drinking;
  • diuretics;
  • bleeding - with swelling, which is caused by kidney disease.

Affected with laryngeal edema are subject to mandatory hospitalization.