Swelling of the throat in the baby photo

Not being an independent disease, edemaThe throat only indicates the presence of disorders in the body. Usually this symptom appears more often in men who have exchanged the third ten, and is less common in women and children.

Causes of throat swelling

Laryngeal edema is a consequence of bothinflammatory, and non-inflammatory processes in the body. The most elementary cause of an unpleasant illness can be damage to the larynx caused by mechanical interference, for example, during a surgical operation or ingestion of a foreign body. In addition, in his childhood, his appearance can cause even too hot food. The development of swelling of the throat is facilitated by both carrying out X-ray studies or radiotherapy of the neck organs, and other factors:

• the appearance on the mucous membrane of the pharynx and the near-pharyngeal space, the root of the tongue and tonsils, on the tissues of the bottom of the oral cavity of the purulent formations;

• development of acute infectious diseases, such as influenza, measles, scarlet fever, typhus;

• Presence of chronic infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and syphilis;

• progressive inflammation of the cartilages of the larynx and perichondrium.

To the non-inflammatory causes, which cause swelling of the throat, it is possible to carry the following disorders of the organism's activity:

• diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys;

• Disturbance of blood circulation, resulting from compression of lymphatic vessels and veins;

• an allergic reaction to certain foods and medications.

As a result of exposure to a foreign object orspasm of the larynx edema can occur very quickly or be present against a background of a chronic disease in the form of a protracted process. The danger of ailment largely depends on the rate of development of the symptom and the degree of compression of the larynx. The patient has a painful sensation in the throat region, the voice becomes hoarse, breathing becomes difficult, becomes noisy with a whistle. In some cases, when there is swelling, the palatine tongue grows so much in size that a person suffocating a life-threatening suffocation.

Usually, the diagnosis of a symptom is a procedureSimple, which is carried out with the help of laryngoscopic research. But the reasons for the situation are somewhat more complicated. To reveal their true nature, to understand what caused puffiness, can be quite problematic. Therefore, for all sorts of difficulties in diagnosis on the recommendation of a doctor, you can include an x-ray or bronchoscopic examination.

Methods for treating throat swelling

Depending on the degree of the disease and the risks identified by the doctor, the swelling of the throat can be treated conservatively or surgically. Conservative, drug treatment means taking:

• broad-spectrum antibiotics administered parenterally;

• diuretics taken for dehydration of the body.

If there are no positive results fordrug treatment initially increase the dose of drugs administered. If recovery does not occur, then surgery is indicated.