Swelling and bruising under the eyes of the child

About what bruises and bags under the eyes say

How would you not sleep and rest, butif you have bags or bruises under your eyes - you will look sick and tortured. It seems that the problem is not serious: nothing hurts does not itch. However, living with this problem is unpleasant, and sometimes it can signal a health problem.

Until recently, it was believed that bags andbruises (which are the precursors of bags) under the eyes appear at a time when the connective tissue membrane loses its elasticity, stretches, sags outward and can not hold fat tissue inside, forming a peculiar hernia. According to anatomy, the eyeball is separated from the orbit by a layer of adipose tissue, which serves as a shock absorber and is called periorbital fiber. From the skin of the eyelid, it is cut off by a connective tissue membrane - the orbital septum, which holds the adipose tissue inside the orbit. Therefore, when performing a plastic surgery on the lower eyelids to eliminate the bags, surgeons sutured and strengthened the orbital septum.

A few months ago, scientists proved thatthe appearance of bags is due to an increase in the volume of periorbital fiber. During the increase in the tension of the orbital septum, the fatty tissue extends it outward, beyond the eye socket. And the volume of adipose tissue can increase because of its proliferation or swelling.

Bags resulting from edema are the mostare noticeable after a dream and decrease or completely pass by the evening, when under the influence of gravitation and stimulation of blood circulation the fluid flows away from the upper part of the body.

Bags associated with the growth of adipose tissue, are constant and do not depend on the time of day.

Here are a few reasons why bruises and bags under the eyes may appear.

If the bruises or bags appeared in childhood or adolescence and stayed for a long time - the reason is most likely a hereditary predisposition to the growth of cellulose.

Appearance of characteristic bruises or bulges underthe eyes after a tumultuous party can be facilitated by taking alcohol or drugs in combination with insufficient sleep, which causes swelling of the periorbital fiber, leading to undesirable cosmetic effects.

To the edema of the eyelids also leads to excessive infatuation with salt food - salt retains in the body water, a large volume of which stores the fat tissue inside the orbit.

The retention of water in periorbital fiber can cause diseases:

* kidney,
* rhinitis,
* conjunctivitis,
* Respiratory infections,
Inflammation of the sinuses of the nose.

Many women have bruises and bags under the eyes appear in some phases of the menstrual cycle. In such cases, this is due to changes in the hormonal background.

Bruises and swelling can appear under the eyes of fans and resorts and solariums - in this case, the culprit is an excess of ultraviolet radiation.

This is perhaps the most common cause of bruises under the eyes and swelling of the eyelids. For example, with a long sitting at the computer or in front of the TV.

With age, periorbital fiber byunexplained until the cause gradually grows and "sags" under the skin of the lower eyelid. Outwardly this is manifested by the appearance of permanent "bags" under the eyes and a gradual increase in them.

Regardless of the reason, long-term"Bags" under the eyes often lead to a gradual increase in the pigmentation of the lower eyelids. It visually aggravated by the shadow from the "bags" themselves, leading to the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. In some people, due to individual characteristics, through the skin of the eyelid, the capillary network appears (especially after lack of sleep or excessive libations), which creates the same effect of dark circles.

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