Swelling in the eyes after tattooing

Tattoo, or permanent make-up. is gaining in popularity. An individual tendency to swelling or an incorrectly chosen method of anesthesia can lead to swelling after tattooing eyelids. The swelling of the dye will provoke swelling. The quality of the procedure directly depends on the skills of the master and the equipment.

Permanent make-up of the eyelids allows you to createPerfect look at the expense of an ideal circuit. The procedure requires jewelry precision and responsibility of the master. It is carried out only in beauty salons, and many are concerned about possible negative effects. The eyelid tattoo is performed by a specialist using a special apparatus. With the help of the thinnest needles, the dye is applied to the skin to a depth of more than 1 mm.

When choosing a pigment, the following are taken into account:

  • color of eyes, shade of skin;
  • age and style of the wardrobe;
  • individual physiological characteristics.

Make-up can be performed both for the upper andfor the lower eyelid. When performing the tattoo of the contour of the lower eyelid, the peculiarity of the visual narrowing of the eye is taken into account. Usually, first the procedure is done on the top of the eyelid, and a week later on the lower part. This will not allow swelling to spread to the entire area around the eyes after tattooing.

It should be borne in mind that the process of severalpainful. During the application of the pigment, slight damage to the skin occurs. Therefore, local anesthesia of eyelid segments is used for a more comfortable perception. For this, there are liquid or helium anesthetics. Also for anesthesia, injections of special agents may be used, but after them there may be more pronounced swelling.

The eyelid edema after make-up depends on the individualfeatures, line thickness. The degree of puffiness depends on the depth and quality of the tattoo. Particular attention should be paid to the equipment that makeup is used for. Possible side effects after the procedure: dry skin, bruises, darkening, crusts. Edema should pass within 24 hours. If all the rules of the procedure are observed, there should be no itching and rashes.

The appearance of crusts, dry skin - all thisa natural skin reaction. After 5 days, the crust must come off, it is not allowed to remove them by force. The first 7 days are not recommended to swim in the sea, visit the pool, sauna. Places where the makeup is made, processed with a fat special cream.

If the tattoo is performed correctly, there should be no side effects.

Only after 7 days, when crusts andedema, you can see the preliminary result of the work done. The final result will only appear after 20 days. The comfort and result of the process is highly dependent on the degree of customer confidence in relation to the master.

After tattooing, the eyelids, as a rule, always appearpuffiness, this is a normal reaction of the body to the manipulation performed. When the eyelids are swollen, a cold, dry compress is applied. For this, ice should be put in a bag and wrapped in a towel. Apply to inflamed patches. Immediately after the make-up session, the eyelid region is treated with hydrocortisone ointment or beponen cream. It is not recommended to perform the procedure during the period of taking funds that dilute the blood.

Do not manipulate those who havedisorders associated with blood coagulability. Also, do not make the procedure if there is a possibility of scarring. Women in the period of critical days and 5 days before that, too, makeup is not carried out. During healing, do not use decorative cosmetics in the permanent application area.

The healing process is from 3 to 5 days. Be sure to follow all the recommendations of the caregiver for centuries. It is important that the areas on which tattooing is performed are always dry. It is necessary to wash with cool water, do not rub these places, but gently and gently to soak. After washing, after 5 minutes a special cream is applied to care for the treated areas. Do not allow the skin to dry out and crack.

When the crusts come off, the color of the permanent canbrighten up. In a few days the pigment will start to appear, and the color will recover. The final result can be estimated after 1 month. Young women have their makeup for 1-3 years, women after 40 years have a longer period.

Contraindicated tattooing for those who havediseases: diabetes, HIV, oncology, skin diseases. It is recommended to postpone the procedure to pregnant and lactating women. The main contraindications are acute inflammatory processes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, a tendency to allergic reactions, serious heart disease, inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.

The procedure is not performed immediately after injectionsBotox. Fabrics need time to recover. Postoperative scars are camouflaged 1-2 years after scars lighten. Do not tattoo girls under 18 years. The day before the procedure, avoid drinking: alcohol, aspirin, coffee, seafood.

Problems after make-up arise at a deepthe introduction of a permanent. As a result, scars and an undesirable shade may form. As the skin is broken during the work, strict sterility measures must be strictly observed.

Disadvantages of improper makeup are corrected after 1 month. It is desirable to eliminate all disadvantages during the correction, because in due course this will be impossible.