Swollen mucous eyes

Swelling of the mucosa can occur inresult of an allergic reaction, conjunctivitis or the formation of barley. If you find such symptoms, you need to visit an ophthalmologist to find out the exact diagnosis and get recommendations about treatment.

In this case, swelling may appear due to admissionmedicines, the use of certain products, the use of cosmetics or after bites of insects. Sometimes such a symptom arises if particles of pollen, wool or harmful substances enter the eye. It is necessary to determine the cause of the disease by contacting a doctor. People who have a hereditary predisposition to allergic reactions need to follow preventive measures.

Inflammation of the mucosa causes a palpablediscomfort, thus usually there is a sensation of dryness of eyes. Redness, burning and secretion of pus are the main signs of exacerbation of the disease. With conjunctivitis, there may be swelling of the eyes, and a lachrymation begins. Call for a doctor should take place immediately after the detection of symptoms. The doctor can prescribe a specific antiviral or antibiotic therapy to the patient.

Its appearance can be seen from the followingsigns: the eye becomes swollen, there is swelling of the skin and mucous membrane, accompanied by redness. A few days after the discovery of the first symptoms, a purulent plug appears. The reason for the formation of barley may be a violation of hygiene rules. After treatment, basic preventive measures should be followed: do not touch the eyes with dirty hands, do not use other people's towels.

Sometimes, mucosal edema can occur onbackground of other complications. For example, barley can appear in those who suffer from diabetes. The protective functions of the body become weak, so it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.