Edema under the eyes with heart disease photo

Every girl at least once in her life came acrosssuch an unpleasant phenomenon as swollen eyes. We offer to consider why there is swelling under the eyes, what to do after their appearance and how to get rid of this scourge.

Causes of edema under the eyes

Periorbital edema, also known asbags, swelling, or bruises under the eyes caused by accumulation of fluid around the eyes, or periorbital zone. Small puffiness, as a rule, is found only below the century (although from time to time they can be present around the entire eye). Most often, the second option is present in people after 40, when the body can not cope with metabolic processes, the withdrawal of fluid or adipose tissue.

While some degree of puffiness canbe normal for a given individual, let's say the Asian race is a normal sign of development, then factors such as age and fatigue can make the tumor more visible. Swelling of the peri-ocular tissue is most noticeable immediately after awakening, possibly due to gravitational redistribution of the liquid in the horizontal position.

Puffiness can be caused diseases such as:

Mononucleosis - Super-orbital edema, the eyelids become swollen and red. This can happen in the early stages of infection, at these moments orbits itch and hurt.

Sleep deprivation / sleep deprivation - Interrupted sleep cycles are the most common causes of sacks, which is why morning swelling occurs in almost everyone

Fluid retention - many living conditions (includingpregnancy and hormonal changes associated with menstruation or menopause) can lead to fluid retention, especially in subcutaneous tissues. In this case, baggy areas are manifested not only in the morning, but throughout the day.

Diet - excess salt helps delayfluid and can lead to swollen eyes. Eliminate such swelling is easiest, enough to pay more attention to the amount of salt and sodium intake, to limit drinking, to eliminate complex carbohydrates from the diet. In addition, exercise helps remove salt through sweat.

The use of alcohol and tobacco - these productscontain toxins that can lead to stress, fatigue, hormonal changes; all of these factors can contribute to fluid retention.

Allergy - allergic reactions can lead to leaksin the subcutaneous capillaries. Under the dermis, blood will accumulate, which will contribute to the disturbance of metabolism in a specific area of ​​the skin and the accumulation of fluid.

Skin diseases - puffiness can be a side effect of some skin diseases such as dermatitis, lichen, if the affected area becomes very sensitive, it leads to swelling.

The aging process - after a person becomes older, the skinaround the eyes is thinner, begins to swell, sag, wrinkles and wrinkles with fluid and fat are formed. In addition, the gradual and constant increase in the size of the suborbicularis (eye fatty tissue) along with the weakening of muscle mass, contributes to the accumulation of waste in this area.

Crying - dark circles under the eyes, edemas often are the companions of tears. This liquid contains salt, which not only irritates the skin, but also promotes the formation of strong swelling.

Hypothyroidism - puffiness on the face and periorbitalEye swelling can occur due to infiltration of mucopolysaccharides of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, drawing fluid into the interstitial space of osmosis.

Children This problem occurs because of an incorrectpower supply. Control the diet of your child. It should be noted that the treatment of edema under the eyes of a child is possible only under the supervision of a doctor, it is better not to experiment at home.

If you have swelling under the left eye, then the reasons can be covered in heart defects.

Periorbital cellulite - blue and swelling, frequentassociates of cellulite. This connection seems paradoxical, but often you do not have water under the centuries, namely fat, which got there due to disruption in the excretory system and malnutrition.

Chagas disease is also known as trypanosomiasis. Young patients, often in the acute phase of the disease, suffer from unilateral, painless, periorbital edema, they are suffering from headaches and itching.

Nephrotic syndrome - permanent black circles, swelling - this is sometimes the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. This syndrome is accompanied by breakdowns and sleep disorders.

Trichinosis is the main symptom of the disease - it isfever in the periorbital zone, muscle pain, is due to bacteria that have entered the body along with contaminated food (pork, beef, milk).

Lacrimal glands - quite often the lacrimal gland does not function properly and accumulates fluid, this contributes to the formation of a tumor, pain, discomfort.

Cavernous sinus syndrome polyneuropathy - verya dangerous thing, it is difficult to diagnose at first, a sign of the transition of the disease into an active form is just swelling. The disease redistributes the pressure, because of what it affects the eyes, the bags appear sharply, in almost a few hours.

Few know, but even hypothermia of the legs can become a background for the manifestation of a lack.

Pyelonephritis - Quite often, tumors of the eyelids arise due to kidney disease. Kidneys distill the body fluid, remove it from the body, if their work is broken, it is immediately visible in the eyes.

Also, such diseases asosteochondrosis, renal colic, heart ailments (heart murmurs), unstable liver, postoperative period (for example, after injections of Botox it is a normal reaction of the body), eye opening in the baby (up to a month).

It should be noted that diseases are not the most common causes, the main ones are the disturbances in metabolic processes and sleep.

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How to remove swelling under the eyes

There are many ways how to quickly reduce at home or even get rid of swelling under the eyes, consider the most effective:

  1. Slice raw potatoeshold it for several minutes in the refrigerator). Place it on your eyes so that it also covers the patch underneath them, and leave it so for 15-20 minutes. Even the suddenly arising bags quickly disappear.
  2. Redness and swelling will be removed at once with the help offermented milk products. Put the cotton wool discs in chilled milk, put them on your eyelids, relax for 20-30 minutes. This way will perfectly bring out excess fluid even after the party until late at night.
  3. Take the cooled water and add to ita few drops of vitamin E, mix well. Wet the padded disks in a liquid and put on the eyes for 20 minutes. Such a mask will be a good method in the morning to remove strong swelling and bags under the eyes.
  4. Girls from the forum argue that many folkrecipes are based on cucumbers, which are a fantastic natural remedy to get rid of bags under the eyes. Take 2 pieces of fresh chilled cucumber, place it on the eye for 25 minutes. This will relieve redness, itching, reduce the tumor, and withdraw the fluid.
  5. If you are in a hurry or bags appeared due tostrong blow, then you can use simple tea bags. Dampen two sachets of tea in cold water, put them in the refrigerator for a while. Then put them on your eyes for 25-30 minutes.
  6. Puffiness can be reduced with a glassice water and four spoons of stainless steel. Cool the spoons in the water, and then place one over each eye. Once the spoon is warmed by the heat of the body, change it to a cold one.
  7. Strong streaks can be removed with the help ofsquirrel. As you know this tool has a lifting effect for the face. We beat the proteins from two chilled eggs, apply to the problem zone, leave it to dry.

There are cases when people's remedies simply do nothelp. Try to drink diuretic tablets, for example, Troxevasin. But we must remember that these drugs remove from the body not only moisture, but calcium, so that the mineral was not enough, in parallel, drink vitamins.

Alternative medicine advises activelyuse massage if there are no problems with pressure. On the cheekbones are active points that affect the state of the eye, try to gently rub the swelling towards the ears and the mid point of the nose. It is necessary to act with a soothing cosmetic oil. Do not use pure ether, only dilute, add olive oil.

Ethereal preparations that can remove blue andred swelling and circles under the eyes, as Ayurveda claims - it's chamomile, lavender, mint, sage, thyme. This technique is often used for non-encephalic mesotherapy.

Remember, a tumor can cause a serious illness,before starting to treat them, consult a specialist, he will help pick up a remedy for swelling under the eyes. Often, cosmetologists, oculists and other workers in the field of beauty and health treat swelling under the eyes, prescribing a cooling cream, gel or ointment, the effect of which is clearly visible in the photo before and after use. These methods are very fast, but do not differ in the consistency of the effect.