How to remove the swelling from the eye with barley

Barley on the eye - Acute purulent inflammation of the hair saceyelashes or sebaceous gland, which is located near the bulb. The disease begins with local redness and a slight swelling in the area of ​​one eyelash. A small inflammatory focus is manifested by pronounced soreness. On 2-3 days purulent melting appears and the apex acquires a yellowish shade (head). On 3-4 days the abscess is opened, the pus pours out, the pain subsides. If the inflammation occurs in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye, then there is severe swelling due to lymph circulation. Barley is a sign of a deficit in the immune system. The treatment of barley on the eye is engaged in the oculist (ophthalmologist).

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Causes of Barley on the Eye

The immediate culprit of barley oneye - a bacterial infection. And here the cause of the appearance of barley may be non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene (it is enough to rub your eyes with dirty hands or a towel). Barley is an acute staphylococcal infection of the hair follicle and adjacent glands. Most often, the infection develops as a result of exposure to Staphylococcus aureus. And, in most cases, barley "pops up" in children whose immune system is very weak. Barley appears as a result of infection of the hair follicle or the sebaceous gland (with dust, from dirty hands). Also, barley can occur in cases where there is any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, worms, or diabetes mellitus. Promote the appearance of barley immunity disorders, metabolic disorders.

Symptoms of barley on the eye

Pain in the eye area, headaches, sometimesfever. At the end of the century, a painful point appears, then a swelling, which may be accompanied by itching, redness and swelling of the eyelid. After 2-4 days, a yellowish head forms on its apex, an abscess, at the dissection of which pus and particles of dead tissue are excreted. You can not squeeze pus on your own, as this can lead to more serious eye diseases (carry the infection with your hands). Unsolved barley may simply disappear without opening, this is normal.

Treatment of barley on the eye - first aid

If barley is just beginning, literally in the firsthis hours of life can be very easily removed from him by making a half-alcohol compress: a microscopic piece of cotton wool in a vodka and squeeze well, and then put directly on the reddened skin at the root of the cilium. Take care that alcohol does not get into the eye! From above put a large thick piece of cotton wool (from the eyebrow to the cheek) and hold it by hand or bandage. Do not hold for a long time. The skin of the eyelids is very tender, a burn can very quickly appear from the alcohol. Hold the compress for 10-15 minutes, no more. With a strong burning sensation, you can remove it earlier. Small vatka with vodka is thrown out, and a large piece of cotton wool is held for 3 more hours. All! Barley aborts with a guarantee.

In inflammatory eye diseases bacterialnature including barley, doctors recommend starting treatment with the first symptoms. As a rule, first of all apply antibacterial drops and ointments for the eyes, for example, Floxal. The drug has a rapid and strong antibacterial effect, which leads to the death of almost all the most common pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious inflammatory diseases of the eyes. In barley, antibacterial ointment is applied to the inflamed area, a characteristic lump of the eyelid, at least 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear completely, but not less than 5 days, even if the symptoms have disappeared earlier. With bacterial conjunctivitis (red eye with a purulent discharge), drops are instilled 2-4 times a day until the symptoms disappear completely, for at least 5 consecutive days.

Another tested means is dry heat. The best is a chicken egg. It is boiled hard, wrapped in a rag and applied to the eye. Keep until cooling, then children with pleasure eat up their "medicine". If the purulent head has already appeared, you can not warm barley in any case - you will intensify the processes of suppuration! With ripe barley or wait, when he opens himself, or go to the oculist surgeon, so that he gently released it. For the prevention of conjunctivitis, it is necessary to instill in the eye a solution of levomycetin (there are ready eye drops) or to lay tetracycline eye ointment. A special case - when barley appear one after another or ripen several at once.

In such cases, the first thing to checkblood sugar level. At what the normal level of sugar on an empty stomach still about what does not speak. At an early stage of the violation of carbohydrate metabolism, sugar can only rise after a sweet meal and does not decrease for a long time, causing specific breakdowns in the body. In such cases it is necessary to check the glucose tolerance test (TSH), on another - the sugar curve. This is done as follows: on an empty stomach determine the blood sugar level, give to eat 70 g of sugar and every hour make repeated measurements of sugar, determining when it will decrease to normal. In norm or rate TTG no more than 2 hours.

Treatment of barley on the eye

On the eyelids, ointments containingantibacterial preparations. Barley can not be squeezed out, pus penetrates deep into the tissue, which can lead to purulent inflammation of the orbit. At the beginning of the disease, the barley is greased with greenery. Assign dry heat, UHF. Apply medicines - antibiotics for instillation into the eye and ingestion (with general malaise). Drugs for the treatment of barley (as directed by an ophthalmologist): Antibacterial agents for topical application - Gentamicin (eye drops and ointment), Tetracycline 1% ointment, Ciprofloxacin (eye drops), Erythromycin 1% ointment, Albucid 30%

Treatment of barley on the eye folk remedies

Perhaps the most famous folk remedyThe treatment of barley on the eye is an egg - it needs to be welded, peeled and warmed to the egg. Actually, it's not even the treatment of barley eyes - a warm egg, like all other folk remedies, promotes the early maturation of barley and the expiration of pus, that is, barley passes faster. You can replace the egg with warm bags of herbs - calendula or chamomile, recommend folk remedies for the treatment of barley and green tea.

Another means of folk treatment of barley on the eyeI think it's more effective because I really helped him. This is the onion. Pour oil on the frying pan, cut off a bulb a centimeter thick and on a frying pan over a slow fire. The oil hissed, the onion began to smoke - turn off the fire, take out the onion and put it in gauze. Hot onions should be applied through gauze to barley, only, of course, giving a little cool, so that there is no burn. Heat, oil and onion juice contribute to the rapid and relatively comfortable maturation of barley and its rapid breakthrough. The onion has cooled off - again it is in oil and so 3-4 times.

How to treat barley on the eye in a child

Barley on the child's eye usually causesstaphylococcus, and if the abscess appears within the eyelid, it is a disease of the meibomian glands. The main causes of the appearance of barley in a child: a long stay in a strong wind, infection, weakening of immunity in a child, chronic and inflammatory diseases. Treat the barley immediately, until the baby has fever and no swelling started. You can not get rid of barley on the eye by mechanical means. since this can lead to complications - from abscess to meningitis. A sore can be burned with 70% alcohol, zebrafish or iodine, trying not to get the solution into the eye of the baby. Naturally, barley on the eye of the child ripens for four days. To accelerate this process, you need to make a child a medical compress for the night.

Take 5 g of salt for 200 g of warm water. Moisten with a cotton swab and apply to the eyelid. Secure the compress with a bandage or band-aid. After three hours, the compress can be removed. When treating barley, antibiotics are prescribed. For the treatment of children, eye drops are recommended Albucid. On the night of the lower eyelid, a medicinal ointment is applied, for example, erythromycin. In hospital for treatment of barley on an eye sometimes appoint UHF-therapy. In addition, the doctor can prescribe the intake of immunostimulating drugs and vitamins. It is necessary to add to the diet foods rich in vitamins A: herring, liver, cottage cheese, butter, carrots; and vitamin C: dry hips, black currant, citrus. Give the child an abundant drink to cleanse the body, very useful tea with honey. Do not give the baby herbal infusions without taking the doctor's prescription.

Questions and answers on "Barley on the eye"

Question:Hello. At my daughter (8 years) two years ago on an eye from outside from above was barley. We turned to the doctor who prescribed warming up to us, advised us to warm our eyes also at home. As a result, barley grew huge and did not want to break through. Everything ended in the fact that we cut it in the department, then it was still healing for a while and after only half a year it was completely gone. Now in the same place again begins to blush and a little swollen. There may be some remedy to stop this process in its infancy and not bring everything back to separation and surgical intervention. Thankful in advance for the answer.

Answer: Hello! Yes, of course, you can instill medicines into the eye antibacterial. anti-inflammatory, inside vitamins. More detailed treatment to you the oculist will tell at internal consultation.

Question:Barley sprang to my ears. With what it can be connected and how to treat barley? Do I have to go to the doctor or can I manage myself?

Answer: If the barley is ripe, the thermal proceduresthey are contraindicated - they will only intensify purulent inflammation. If there is no temperature - try to treat barley on the eye with antibacterial ointments topically, putting them under the eyelid. At an elevated temperature without the use of antibiotics and sulfonamide drugs in the inside can not do. Of the procedures, UHF-therapy is useful (but it can be done only if there is no temperature). When the process is running, the operation is shown.

Question:Hello, I have on both eyes with an enviablefor a period of 2 months, the so-called barley will be hanging out. Eyes ache and swell. Sulfacyl sodium previously helped, now the eyes swell for 2-3 days, then the tumor falls off. A week later, again. I wear lenses, at first I thought that because of them, I changed, but the problem did not go away. How is it treated?

Answer: Hello! As I understand it, it's about relapsing barley. It can be caused by various states of the body: a decrease in immunity (including avitaminosis), eyelid condition, general diseases (endocrine disorders, chronic gastrointestinal diseases). Lenses are nothing to do with. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out standard treatment (antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drops and ointments), and also to eliminate the above-listed disorders in the body.

Question:Prompt please, than to process barley onthe lower eyelid - within 2 days has already matured, but does not break, the eye is red, the hospital does not really feel like it, the child is 7 years old, 1.5 months ago they lay with chiri in the nose, opened it, and she does not want to go to the hospital, tell me how to help at home. She put ointment tetracycline and drops of albucid.

Answer: Hello! The antibacterial treatment chosen by you can be continued. To quickly open the purulent head, dry heat can be used, and then continue to instill antibacterial drugs for 7-10 days.

Question:Hello! The dear doctor, here 2-3 months as at me on an eye there was a barley, at first he hurted or was ill; was sick and was scratched, I smeared ointment "tetratsiklin" like after that the pain and carding has passed, but not the big tumor has remained. It seems like there is something inside, but there is no white point, red. What should I do? Very afraid. Please, help! Waiting for your reply. Thank you!

Answer: Hello, for this you should visitthe oculist. Most likely, the main duct was closed, so the inflammation is inside. Sometimes it takes a small incision to cure to the end. And sometimes they just prescribe antibiotics. This is very serious, so do not delay visiting a doctor.

Question:Hello, tell me please, what to do: 3 weeks ago, barley came out, pus came out. Literally after 2 days jumped out another one - gone, pus came out. And literally the next day began to appear one more. Tell me what to do? Thank you.

Answer: Hello. Recurrent barley occurs with a decrease in immunity, an increase in glucose in the blood. Be surveyed in occasion of a sugar of blood, address to the ophthalmologist, the doctor will appoint or plant vegetative preparations raising or increasing immunity, probably, autohemotherapy. Pay attention to your diet. Eliminate all the sweet and flourish, the preference for vegetables, meat, necessarily black bread. I wish you recovery!

Question:I often suffer from barley, tell me modern means of dealing with them and whether it is possible to get rid of them forever

Answer: Dressing with red thread, kukishi and lavagebrewing, however, like other methods of traditional medicine, in this case will not help. Moreover, by delaying a visit to a doctor, you risk reaching out to severe inflammation. Barley (infection of the meibolic gland, the outlet channel of which is located on the mucous edge of the century) is provoked by the supercooling of the body. Therefore, in order not to get sick, do not overcool and watch for the state of your immunity. If you are already ill, I recommend that you visit the ophthalmologist as early as possible, since incorrect and untimely treatment inevitably leads to complications (spread of infection, scarring of the eyelids and further relapses). You will be prescribed drugs that are able to overcome the infection in a short time. During illness it is better not to forget about personal hygiene and to wipe the face with an individual towel so as not to infect the household. Drink a course of vitamins, do not overcool (especially in the summer under air conditioners), take up immunity, and visit a therapist.

Question:Good afternoon! My wife jumped out of the barley, the head is not visible, there is a small swelling around the eye, a little pus has already come out. Have addressed in an out-patient department - the doctor has registered tsiloksan (tobreks) and tobraksek. But the fact is that the wife is a nursing mother (3 months baby), and in the instructions to tobrebs and toboradex it is written that it is better to stop feeding for the period of application (and we do not want this, breast milk is the best food for the baby). About ciloxane it is written that there are no contraindications, but one must be careful, because there is a chance of getting into milk. Tell me, please, what medications should I use?

Answer: Hello! The most frequent causative agent of this disease is staphylococcus, but it is very desirable to know for sure. In case this is the same Staphylococcus aureus, a special approach is desirable here, discuss it with the doctor. Antibiotics in this case should be appointed in the last place, it is necessary to consider the treatment option with antistaphylococcal bacteriophage, staphylococcal anatoxin. All the best!

Question:Hello! At me 2 days ago the right eye began to hurt, next day I have noticed, that the eye hardly swelled, having lifted an eyelid I have seen barley. Prompt as it or him to cure and how much days he to be treated?

Answer: Hello! You should visit an ophthalmologist. The most frequent causative agent of this disease is staphylococcus, but it is very desirable to know for sure. In case this is the same Staphylococcus aureus, a special approach is desirable here, discuss it with the doctor. Antibiotics in this case should be appointed in the last place, it is necessary to consider the treatment option with antistaphylococcal bacteriophage, staphylococcal anatoxin.

Question:Hello. Barley came out on the upper eyelid inside, it does not hurt much, but it does not pass for 4 days. Not once such was not. What to do? I feel that there has already appeared a head, although not great.

Answer: Good afternoon. Now you do not have barley, but halyazion. The acute phase of inflammation has passed. In this case, I would recommend injecting a kenalog into halyazion. 2-3 days and everything will pass, if not, then 10 days later the injection can be repeated. In the absence of the effect, halazion is removed promptly.

Question:I got a barley on my eye. Long brewing and still growing. Have registered tetratsiklinovuju ointment. I'm warming up the salt with hot water. But not that all this helped, but somehow the other way around - the eyelid became huge. And this morning I noticed that the second barley appeared.

Answer: I advise you to exclude sweet, fatty and sour. And also alcohol, bread and meat. Inside to take tea from bearberry. To eat only boiled rice and without salt, it is possible with turmeric. Follow the diet, because the problem on the eye is a sign of excessive overexcitation, and perhaps this is the liver.

Question:A month ago, the child jumped off the barley on the eye,the doctor appointed us tetracycline ointment and eye drops - levomitsetin, healed, recovered. A month later, barley was inflamed again on the same eye, she did not contact the doctor, but she began to be treated with the same method as before. Tell or Say please, whether I correctly I arrive and what to do or make, that the inflammation of an eye with a barley did not repeat? Thank you in advance.

Answer: Not properly. If there is a relapse, then you were treated incorrectly and you repeat it. It is necessary дообследоваться at the oculist and at the pediatrist. You can try eye hydrocortisone ointment 1% for eyelids and give your child a drink decoction of tansy - doses depending on age - a pinch on the tip of the knife (from year) or 1 hour. on 200 ml of boiling water (for 5 years).

Question:Hello! Tell me, does barley on the eye somehow affect the feeding of breast milk? Than to treat it to nursing mum? Is it possible to feed a child with barley?

Answer: No way. You can treat the food as usual.

Question:How to treat barley on the eye?

Answer: Go to the doctor (and he already attributes some ointmentsor antibiotics). But it's important to remember that you can not mechanically remove yourself, as this can lead to some complications. You can wipe with alcohol (at least 70%). And to prevent this, you need to strengthen your immunity (vitamins). Observe the rules of hygiene.

Question:To the child 3 years, on an eye barley, temperatures are not present,he does not complain of pain. Assigned: sumamed suspension, nurofen, finestil, linex, erythromycin ointment, viferon, lycopid. Whether such quantity or amount of preparations and especially antibiotic (сумамед) is justified?

Answer: In the event that the process has a commonthe nature of a purulent cavity of large size is an appropriate antibiotic. In this case, this question can be adequately solved only by a doctor ophthalmologist after a personal examination. Antibiotic prescribes to prevent the development of complications such as abscess of the century, purulent meningitis. It is recommended to consult the ophthalmologist once again after 3 days of treatment to assess the condition of the eye and, if necessary, adjust the treatment for barley on the eye.

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