Causes of bags under the eyes puffiness

michael f The Thinker (6892) 9 years ago

ledy-star! Logic is understandable-the work of the kidney-causes, or an overestimated burden on the kidneys (ate, drank the wrong thing), a change in the regimen (decreased mobility, lie more), the kidneys themselves (heredity, wrong way of life- for example, sit at work 8 hours). The solutions are also understandable -in any way, doctor-analyzes, then yoga with an instructor, I think you have no problems with it.
Good luck

Katerina Gorina Guru (3705) 9 years ago

It is necessary to drink less liquid! and the cushion is higher!)

LMNCOD Guru (2925) 9 years ago

Maybe you just do not get enough sleep?

Olga Tsepalkina Profi (627) 9 years ago

drink the night you need! in all seriousness. not tea, not coffee, you can water, but not Pts. a lot of

Tatyana Guru (3992) 9 years ago

Maybe you drink a lot of fluids at night, or something with the kidneys.

Sova Master (1631) 9 years ago

less fluid at night! and wash with cold water in the morning!

kkkkfond The Thinker (5005) 9 years ago

Because at night or in the evening foods were consumed in which there were too many sodium compounds, and still could be due to insufficient productivity of the kidneys.

KLIDE Guru (4196) 9 years ago

old age is not a joy. but in general check the kidneys, drink a diuretic and do not drink water at night)

ili ne vispalas ili ne dospala, ili mnogo jitkasti vipila pered snom

Nadia Artificial Intelligence (132919) 9 years ago

aksioma Master (2018) 9 years ago

perhaps a kidney problem or a lot of acutely salty food that delays water in the body and causes swelling under the eyes.

Alexandra Davydova The Thinker (7861) 9 years ago

to sleep it is necessary more and vitaminchikov more, fruktikov or vegetables and to walk air to breathe even 15 minutes a day.

Personal Cabinet Removed Pupil (187) 9 years ago

Probably a lot of salt eat. And that nebylo bags under the eyes, in the morning for a couple of minutes to apply ice, soothes and relieves swelling.

Olivia Enlightened (44777) 9 years ago

Morning edemas under the eyes indicate any problems in the work of the kidneys.
Try to start to drink less liquid in the evening, not eat in the late afternoon salty, smoked.
If the swelling remains, then for calm, hand over the urine for analysis and with the data to the doctor.