The upper eyelid of the right eye is swelling

13 January 14:38, 2011

Hello! To me of 20 years, already half a year at me an inguity of a top eyelid on the right eye is observed. I do not feel any discomfort in the very eye. Also, my eyelid does not itch. Went to the oculist, first he prescribed tetracycline ointment, then he said to slur the albucid. Nothing helped. Also, after sleep, both eyelids swell a little, but it passes after you wake up. But the right upper eyelid always looks swollen compared to the left, six months ago this was not. The left eyelid looks normal.

January 13 15:05, 2011

The fact is that non-infectious swelling of the eyelids candevelop with disease areas bordering the eyes. Therefore, it is desirable to check the condition of the nasal and frontal sinuses, sanitize foci of infection in the teeth. If you did not pass the bacteriological culture from the conjunctiva, it must be taken. Also, pay attention to the state of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system, since when they are affected, it is also possible to form edema.

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