Edema under the eye of the cause on one side

If a person wakes up with a puffy faceafter a plentiful feast, it is unpleasant, but the reason for this phenomenon is understandable. But what to do if there is swelling of the right or left side of the face, and this is caused by completely incomprehensible reasons, in which it is difficult to understand.

The cause of swelling of one side of the face can be:

- wrong position of the body during sleep. Edema appears in the morning and is due to the fact that a person either sleeps on one side, or tilts the head during sleep in a certain direction. For example, you sleep on a cushion-roll, and the head is still thrown back. Also, the cause of edema on one side of the face may be a violation of the outflow of fluid during the transport of blood vessels;

- use of a large amount of liquid during the day and especially at night. Therefore, one should try not to drink a lot of liquid one hour before bedtime;

- ENT diseases. In this case, the right or left side of the face may swell, for example, with genyantritis;

- pinched facial nerve. This causes swelling on one side - with the right or with the left. Also the cause of edema may be neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve;

- problems with the teeth. Inflammation of the gums, toothache, caries can also be the cause of edema on the side of the face where the diseased tooth is located;

- Inflammation of the eye. The eye will begin to water and tear and swelling, swelling on the cheek, may even worsen vision. You need to go to the ophthalmologist.

- Buy an orthopedic pillow. With the correct position of the head during sleep, there will be a normal outflow of fluid, and swelling on the face will not appear;

- reduce salt intake in food;

- Give up alcohol. This applies to smoked food, and carbonated drinks, and coffee, which delay the outflow of fluid and cause swelling of the face;

- Try to sleep more. If sleep is disturbed - contact a doctor and do not overload yourself with work, better walk in the fresh air.