Barley edema under the eye

Barley on the eye with a photo

Barley - Acute purulent inflammation of the edge of the eyelid: a hair sac or sebaceous gland at the root of the eyelashes. Barley can be quite painful, but usually disappears by itself within a week.

The causes of the appearance of barley on the eye

The immediate culprit of barley oneye - a bacterial infection. And here the cause of the appearance of barley may be non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene (it is enough to rub your eyes with dirty hands or a towel). Barley is an acute staphylococcal infection of the hair follicle and adjacent glands. Most often, the infection develops as a result of exposure to Staphylococcus aureus. And, in most cases, barley "pops up" in children whose immune system is very weak. Barley appears as a result of infection of the hair follicle or the sebaceous gland (with dust, from dirty hands). Also, barley can occur in cases where there is any disease of the gastrointestinal tract, worms, or diabetes mellitus. Promote the appearance of barley immunity disorders, metabolic disorders.

Symptoms of barley on the eye

Pain in the eye area, headaches, sometimes a rise in body temperature. At the end of the century, a painful point appears, then a swelling, which may be accompanied by itching, redness and swelling of the eyelid.

After 2-4 days at its apex is formeda yellowish head, an abscess, at the dissection of which pus and particles of dead tissue are excreted. You can not squeeze pus on your own, as this can lead to more serious eye diseases (carry the infection with your hands).

Unsolved barley may simply disappear without opening, this is normal.

First aid with barley

Perhaps a positive effect will give moxibustionbarley at the very first stage. You can burn with medical alcohol, green or iodine. It is necessary to be very sharp, so as not to hurt the eye, it is convenient to use a cotton swab to cauterize barley. In this case, the eye should be closed. Apply to the age of a compress of tea or chamomile for 5 minutes several times a day or dry heat.

Contact your doctor if: you have

  • against the background of the appearance of barley, body temperature increased,
  • relapses of barley on the eyes,
  • the tumor on the eye did not pass after 4-5 days or increased in size,
  • the tumor interferes with vision.

Barley in the child first leads to the appearance ofswelling at the edge of the eyelid, swelling with time increases in size and blushes. The entire infectious process occurs directly around the cilium. The child's eyelid is swollen, which in turn contributes to a strong narrowing of the eye gap. In the case of a prolonged absence of treatment, the process may lead to the fact that the child's eye will not open at all. The presence of barley in most cases is accompanied by a headache. The child can also twitch the eyelid.

Barley can pop out both on one and theboth eyes of the child immediately. Approximately on the fourth day barley is opened and pus begins to leave it. It is after the opening of barley that the child's condition begins to improve. Dear parents, remember that in no case can the abscess be squeezed out. Having squeezed out an abscess, you can cause such complications as an abscess of an eyelid, purulent meningitis and so on. It is also very important that you make sure that the child does not rub his eyes during the breakthrough of barley. The fact is that thus the infection can get into another area of ​​the eye, as a result of which one barley will be replaced by another.

What should I do if a child has popped out barley?

The most important rule of barley treatment, of whichshould know all parents, this is the immediate start of treatment. At the first symptoms, lead the child to the doctor. The faster the treatment is started, the more effective it will be. Modern pharmacology has in its "arsenal" a huge number of ointments and drops to combat barley on the eye. Inside the doctor most often prescribes sulfanilamides for treatment, directly, infection. Dosage of sulfonamides is selected depending on the age of the child. As for drops, you, for example, can give your preference to Albucid.

In addition to external barley, the child can alsodevelop and internal barley. And this is much more complicated. This kind of ocular barley in most cases requires surgical intervention (it is opened and treated with antiseptics under sterile conditions). The surgical method of treatment is used also in that case when the child has a neglected form of external eye barley.

Treatment of barley on the eye

On the eyelids, ointments containingantibacterial preparations. Barley can not be squeezed out, pus penetrates deep into the tissue, which can lead to purulent inflammation of the orbit.

At the beginning of the disease, the barley is greased with greenery. Assign dry heat, UHF. Apply medicines

As a rule, first of all they applyantibacterial drops and ointments for the eyes, for example, Floxal. The drug has a rapid and strong antibacterial effect, which leads to the death of almost all the most common pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious inflammatory diseases of the eyes. In barley, antibacterial ointment is applied to the inflamed area, a characteristic lump of the eyelid, at least 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear completely, but not less than 5 days, even if the symptoms have disappeared earlier. With bacterial conjunctivitis (red eye with a purulent discharge), drops are instilled 2-4 times a day until the symptoms disappear completely, for at least 5 consecutive days.

Folk remedies and recipes from barley

Home remedies for barley

An ancient preventive method: take the golden ring, which was worn for long, sit in front of the mirror and try to catch a ring of sunny bunny. Direct him to an inflamed place, threatening the emergence of barley, and lead like a brush. Barley does not appear.

Heating compresses from barley

Very widely used in the people applicationwarming compresses for the treatment of barley on the eye. Any warming compresses, whether in the form of a hot fleece, an egg or potatoes cut in half, are applied only at the initial stages of the disease (the first 1-2 days after the appearance of barley). When the inflammation is in full swing, warming is dangerous to the eye! Yes, heat accelerates the maturation of barley, but due to what? There is a rush of blood to the eyelid, the process of inflammation (and this is nothing less than the treatment of blood-borne bacteria by leukocytes) is accelerating, but if the immunity is weakened (and often the cause of barley on the eye is weakened immunity), the inflammation will spread to the nearby tissues of the eye, inflammation of the entire eye, and this is an indication for an urgent call of a doctor. Do not want to lose your eyes, do not take risks and do not heat barley. Do not heat the barley in the child!

Here are examples of such folk recipes:

  • Applied to the eyelid hot hard-boiledEgg and keep until it cools. Egg does not need to be released from the shell, so the heat will last much longer. After 2 hours repeat the procedure. And so several times a day.
  • Apply a warming compress from a weak solution of chamomile or boric acid.
  • A pack of mashed boiled potatoes.
  • Heat the linseed in a frying pan, pour it into a handkerchief, tie it with a knot and heat the barley.

Herbs and collections from barley

For medicinal herbs from barley: some of them do help to relieve inflammation, but when treating barley with herbs, it is necessary to observe the conditions of sterility, so as not to add additional microbes into the eye and that the microbes from the barley do not get into the tear ducts. Utensils for cooking infusions boil, the grass, too, pour steep boiling water. Finished infusions can be well filtered through a triple layer of sterile gauze, cool to body temperature. Apply to barley (and not to the entire eye!) On a sterile cotton swab.

Another precaution is that you should be sure that you do not have an allergy to the medicinal plant used to treat barley.

Below are some recipes from barley with herbs:

  • Apply to the sore spot a mulled fresh burdock root. Tea can also give a positive effect from a large burdock.
  • 5 leaves of plantain should be washed in cold water and applied alternately to the patient with barley, changing leaves every 5 minutes.
    Make lotions from the plantain infusion to the diseased eye 4 to 6 times a day: three tablespoons of dry herb plantain pour one glass of boiling water. Infuse, wrapped, drain.
  • Pour 1 tablespoon of herb linseed ordinary 1 cup of boiling water, insist. Apply for lotions from barley.
  • To reduce the pain and inflammation caused bybarley, herbalists recommend to instill eye drops from the eye. 50 g of herb medicinal herbs, 50 g of camomile inflorescence, 5 tbsp. spoonful of mixture, pour 1 cup boiling water, 10 minutes, pour the resulting gruel onto a gauze napkin and apply warm to barley.
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds rub in a mortar andpour 2 cups of water, bring to a boil and let it brew for 5 minutes. Strain, cool. Wet the cotton swab in the broth and, wringing out, apply to barley several times a day.
  • Cut the aloe vera leaf, wash, squeeze the juice and dilute it with boiled water at a ratio of 1:10. To apply for lotions from barley, do lotions 3 times a day.
    Lotion from the infusion of aloe: one average sheet of aloe (five grams) to grind and pour one glass of cold water. Infuse for six hours, then drain. To make lotions on a sick eye
  • 10-15 dry inflorescences of marigold (marigold) pour200 ml of boiling water, insist, wrapped, for 30-40 minutes and strain. Apply to lotions and compresses. You can use and lotion from the tincture of calendula pharmacy, diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1:10.
  • Soap and washing with birch infusions: one teaspoon of birch buds (or two tablespoons of leaves) pour one glass of boiling water. Torment for half an hour. Do lotion and rinsing 4 - 6 times a day.
  • Lotion and lavage infusion of bird cherry: one tablespoon of dried flowers of bird cherry pour one glass of boiling water. Insist, drain. Do lotion and rinsing of a sick eye. (Instead of cherry blossoms, you can use leaves or shoots of Ledum, and also calendula flowers - the way of preparation and application is the same.)

Vanga for many - unquestioned authority, butI dare say, she did not prescribe treatment on the Internet, but treated a person individually, taking into account contraindications, although some of her prescriptions for treatment, for example, barley on the eye, to put it mildly, are dangerous to health and were used only when there was a threat to human life and stood the choice is to spoil, for example, blood and liver (a recipe with sulfur below), but to save the eye. In the modern world, there is surgery for this case, which is much safer.

Vanga recommended for the treatment of barley recipes withaloe, birch infusion, bird cherry, poultice from melted fat or barley flour with ferula resin or from hot bread, a poultice of olive oil or from water in which barley was cooked.

Vanga advised to tie a red woolen thread around her wrist (at the pulse) on the side opposite to where the barley is.

Doubtful folk remedies for barley

In this category, I will contribute funds that are clearly harmful, and not cured barley.

  • When the window glass in the room is very misted, remove this moisture with a clean finger and anoint the eyelid with it. Do it 2-3 times.
    . and get additional infection from dusty glass.
  • Eat 5-6 dry little yellow baskets of tansy ordinary, washed down with water. During the day, repeat 4-5 times and continue until the barley has passed.
    the prescription action is based apparently on the fact that you will get diarrhea and you will cease to pay attention to barley.
  • Apply from a barley compress of curdled milk on a gauze bandage or put on a eyelid a handkerchief soaked in a yogurt.
    it is the progenitor of treatment with eubiotics (bifidus and lactobacilli), but it is not safe to apply curdled milk to the eye (in addition to barley, you can also get a fungal infection of the eye) and ineffectively.

    Lubricate a patient with a barley eyelid lobed raw garlic, peeled from the husks, for 2-3 days.
    it is not safe, burn together with barley the tender skin of the century, it is better to grease with a green.

    Inside take the powder of combustible sulfur, adding it to the milk on a teaspoon per day.
    if you want to get poisoned

    Tie a piece of sulfur into a woolen cloth and hang it around your neck so that it is on your chest in the place where the cross usually hangs, and after a day there will be no trace of barley.
    and on your health too ..

    Barley, especially if relapses occur, canto signal about obvious problems with immunity. In this case, two or more barley may appear at once, the body temperature may increase, and the lymph nodes may increase. In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately. Also, the doctor should be consulted, if not a month after you had barley, and he has reappeared. Moreover, the main cause of the appearance of barley can be: demodex (tick), chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or skin, diabetes.

    Since barley is most often associated with malfunctions in the immune system, good prevention will be: more fresh air, healthy food, vitamins, especially pay attention to vitamins A, C and B.

    If you periodically appear barley, in addition tovitamins You can also try to stick to a diet, using only raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt, herbal teas, fruit juices and mineral water for a week. Doctors naturopathy believe that such a diet, repeated at regular intervals, can strengthen immunity and prevent the re-development of barley. Since barley usually occurs against the background of a weakening of the defenses of the body, eat more vegetables and fruits (especially useful in this case, currants, strawberries, dogrose, carrots), drink juices.

    The harm of all folk remedies for treating barley is,that by getting carried away by them, you can lose sight of the dangerous symptoms of the spread of infection inside the eye and blood, as well as immunodeficiency states that only the doctor can diagnose on the basis of tests, and then even your doctor will save your eye more difficult.