Leaked eyes swollen face

Leach and swell eyes

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In the last month, my eyes water and sweat. Digested a week of albucid - it did not help, it only shchipet. Just at this time, the younger sister started a kitten. Can tear and sweat from this? I also often sneeze. What should I do?

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Leach and swell eyes

Indeed, patients' complaints about the fact thattear and swelling of the eyes can be a manifestation of the allergic process, especially since an animal appeared in the house. In this case, I would advise you to contact, in addition to the ophthalmologist, who will determine the reason why you have watered and swollen your eyes (allergic or infectious process). But if the allergic process is confirmed, as a rule, it is necessary to conduct tests by an allergist, to determine the allergen.

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