The corners of the eyes are swollen

Hello! Prompt please that at me for a problem can be with eyes, 5 days ago eyes began to tingle as though at maturing of barley. a little later they began to itch and it felt as if it were getting damp from what constantly wanted to wipe the inner corners of the eyes, and for the morning strong swelling three days in a row, in the morning the eyes do not itch but swollen, and by the evening the edema subsides and starts to itch. I have two children. I'm 27 years old and with each child during pregnancy I swelled, but I will not say that very much, maybe this information is needed. I do not smoke and drink well, just sooooo rare, for some kind of celebration. What could it be? Tell me what to look for and can this be a normal allergy to anything?

Hello! I recommend you to apply for internal consultation to the doctor-ophthalmologist on a residence.

Consultation is given for reference only. Based on the results of the consultation, please consult your doctor.