What to do if under eyes swelling

The face is that part of the body that isconstantly in sight, therefore, we approach the question of beauty very carefully. Having looked at the person skilled, the person the expert can define not only possible, but also mood of a problem with health. One of the most common symptoms that occur when a person is examined is that the tumor is under the eye. Having noticed this follows, a symptom to reflect on the state of your health and the doctor to address.

A tumor for reasons that do not have an eye, requires a thorough whole examination of the body, so that some can eliminate serious diseases of the internal organs. causes Possible tumors:

  1. Kidney disease - more often a tumor of alleyes is a symptom of a severe, glomerulonephritis disease that can lead to kidney failure. In this case, the swelling underneath implies an eye swelling of the eyes on both sides, usually that appears in the morning hours after the Disease.
  2. sleep of the thyroid gland - puffiness in the thyroidInsufficiency of the gland (hypothyroidism) usually manifests a tumor as around the eye, but can grab under the area for centuries or the entire face. edema These are characterized by softness during palpation, as are so filled from the inside with mucus.
  3. Allergic reactions more often - the reactions of the whole eye swellwhen there is, then pollinosis seasonal allergies to flowering plants. For a typical such a tumor is seasonality and allergen with a link, as well as catarrhal syndrome (a runny nose, breathing difficult).
  4. Infections of the mucous membrane of the eye (or)conjunctivitis of the sebaceous gland (barley under these) - the eye of the condition is easily diagnosed at the most, but in the progression of the onset of the disease, a tumor can appear under the eye.

Symptoms, signs and underlying

diagnosis is a swelling of the lower orcentury around the eyes. Depending on the cause of the tumor, one-sided (with barley, bilateral) and conjunctivitis (kidney disease, allergy) swelling are prominent. Besides, there are many symptoms that are inherent in the disease that caused the swelling of the eye area. Symptoms include:

  • changes in urine;
  • pain urinating when;
  • high body temperature (glomerulonephritis);
  • reduction;
  • weakness of blood pressure;
  • drowsiness (hypothyroidism);
  • catarrhal phenomena pollinosis at.

To understand how to remove the tumor under the eyes,it is necessary to properly diagnose the underlying disease. For this patient, the others carefully question the symptoms of the disease, prescribe a general urine analysis, an analysis of the determination of thyroid hormones for some. In the gland cases, the cause of the tumor is not detected by the eyes during examination. This occurs when there is no disease, but swelling appears, for example, increased with fluid intake, constant lack of sleep, How.

pregnancy remove swelling under the eyes

tumors Treatment under the eyes consists in the elimination of treatment (the causes of the kidneys, hypothyroidism) and symptomatic therapy, and the use of namely:

  • various lotions to reduce tea (edema sachets, raw potatoes and cucumbers);
  • masks (masks from sour cream, cottage cheese, greens);
  • In diseases of the infectious mucous eye, drops with or antibiotic ointments are used.

As folk medicine recipes, you can recommend the following procedures, which will help reduce swelling under the eyes: