What causes swelling in the eyes

03/20/2010 9:15 PM Above the eyes "hangs" from what so?

Hello everybody.
Here such problemka, over the eyes the skin hangs, as though edemas, I wake up, I open eyes and I feel that the skin "has laid down" on eyes.
In the afternoon, too, does not pass. In the corners of the eyes, as if inflated bubbles, what is it?
This has long been started, almost 10 years already ..
When I raise the eyebrows. The bags also rise, lower ... and they hang over the eyes.
Searched on the Internet, there gets out bags under the eyes, and umenya on the contrary OVER them.
Maybe I was looking for something wrong.
Prompt who with such faced, where to address, what to do about it ??
I'm tired already, it starts to get in the way.
I shall be glad to the reviews.

20.03.10 21:20 Re: Above the eyes "hangs" from what so?

Go first to the eye doctor.

20.03.10 21:45 Re: Above the eyes "hangs" from what so?

was already. In occasion of "bags" it is not asked. and vision is one eye -4, the second is ok.

20.03.10 23:01 Re: Above the eyes "hangs" from what so?

I know that the overhanging skin is removed promptly. t.e. because of age or heredity, overhanging bags appear and can only be removed because of plastic surgery. they are simply cut off. and the face looks then younger. the view is open. but the cashier does not pay.
I do not think that you drink a lot every dayfluid (which could be the cause of swelling of the face, I know by myself), or you have such problems with the kidneys. Did you have a similar face structure in your family? if you are like someone from relatives, then the only way to correct it is surgery. but this, of course, is my personal opinion