Edema over the eye under the eyebrow

I am 25 years old. For many years now I have headaches from time to time. Basically strongly hurts right eye, aboveeyebrow and in the temple. The pain is very strong, accompanied by weakness, sometimes with a temperature of 37.1-37.3. The pain arises. open

surgeon October 20, 2013 / Yuri 21 year ... / Moscow

Five days ago, an abscessed boil above left eyebrow (on the forehead). On the third day after the operation, edema appeared under the left. day for a little bit, but increases. Edema is not hurts. not scratched, skin without redness. No temperature. open

Hello. My dad (he is 44) for 5 years hurts inside the left eye and aboveeyebrow. But the pain is felt only if you lightly pat on the head, as well as when running. And in this left eye the blood vessels are broken. All these years. open

therapist March 23, 2013 / Margarita ... / Chelyabinsk

Hello. This morning I woke up and can not touch the right temple, it's creepy hurts and swelling in the form of a tourniquet above all right eyebrow on the temple to the hair. By evening, it turned blue near the eye, not to hurt. open

attack, naginaetsya head-up, too. Sports do not want to throw, in the hospital, too. The head all the time hurts at one point on the left forehead aboveeyebrow .chem it or him to treat? Is this high pressure? open

therapist January 18, 2013 / Ekaterina ... / Yekaterinburg

I address to you with the following question: At me in current of month every day hurts throat, before the new year began to ache a maxillary sinus aboveeyebrow , there was a terrible rhinitis, there was no voice, a couple of days later the voice recovered. open

ENT December 30, 2012 / natalya

Sore throat strongly from one side. then this whole part of the face. there was no rhinitis. Now hurts head aboveeyebrow very much. especially when pressing and tilting. to the doctor the opportunity to go NO, because now the holidays and. open

ENT September 18, 2012 / awizz / 0

sneezing began to hurt the middle of the forehead. When the head was tilted strongly, the pain was also felt. Today, the forehead is not hurts. a hurts in the middle above the right eyebrow. And then if you shake your head. So does not bother. It seems so. open

dermatologist September 10, 2012 / Anastasia ... / 0

Question to the dermatologist. The dear doctor! I address to you with the following question: I am pregnant, I have above the eye (under eyebrow ) there were several small blisters with black dots, redness and hurts when I touch. What is it? And what can I treat? open

ENT September 5, 2012 / Marina / St. Petersburg

4 has passed. After another 2 weeks, everything started. Again it hurts to touch the eyebrow, then there was another swelling aboveeyebrow. hurts head. The doctor says that the skin is inflamed. There is no rhinitis and. open