Edema on the neck in a dog's dog

Elena Volkova Master (1261), closed 7 years ago

On Monday, the dog participated in a fight with the Moscow guard. On the neck was a shallow wound. I washed it with hydrogen peroxide. And today by the evening the neck has strongly swelled up.
How to help the dog?

Updated 7 years ago

to the doctor I will lead in the morning. than it is possible to help at the moment.

Margaritochka Pupil (201) 7 years ago

urgently in the hospital. the dog from the yard had such nonsense, growing like a Pekingese, so she gave birth, and some dog chewed her puppy, so this Pekinese-like dog also got so hurt in the fight. there some liquid gathered, had to take for a while to myself and do injections. good luck!

Svetlana Master (1425) 7 years ago

I advise you to take her to a doctor

ketana Guru (2654) 7 years ago

what can you think of, drag it to the vet more quickly! do not torment!

Nina Bredneva Mudrets (12992) 7 years ago

We need drainage. Itself nothing you will make - there is neither skill nor experience Go to the doctor.

if the wound is pierced, that is, there is a small but deep enough opening, it should be washed with some kind of antibiotic or furacillin. and if torn - urgently lead to the vet.
well, in general, it is better not to engage in self-medication, but to take them to a veterinarian, especially since the neck is swollen - then there is some kind of infection and it's better not to joke with it

Tatyana Nikchkova Pupil (183) 7 years ago

and what is the consistency of the skin in this place? if there is pus (abscess). then it will be opened in the clinic and the drainage will be put.
But most likely just an inflammatory reaction. I think they will make a blockade (hormone + antibiotic + anesthetic). I would still advise you and an alcohol-drying bandage, ie, take a large napkin soaked in alcohol (vodka). squeeze and apply to a sore spot, bandages do not tighten the bandages and leave until it dries. This bandage will relieve inflammation, swelling and disinfect the wound. You can do now, tomorrow swelling will be less.
Or the second way. dressing with dimexid. Take a solution of Dimexide, dilute with water 1: 5 or 1: 6 (the solution heats up, do not panic) and apply the same for 30-40 minutes.
Good luck)

By the way, is your dog vaccinated against rabies? and the second, the one that bitten.

Dmitriy Enlightened (24594) 7 years ago

You can give the dog vodka - the amount - depending on the size. It is possible that by morning everything will pass, but to the vet - it is necessary!

Bagheera Mudrets (16295) 7 years ago

At us too so was after fight, the neck was swelled frompus, because the wound was deep inside, it was prescribed antibiotics and drainage with levomekolevoy ointment, they will show it in the veterinarian, and we ourselves did a week later, in general the wound should be dragged from the inside, in general, it's fucked us, but it's troublesome!

Lilu Lilitu Ardat Lili Enlightened (22410) 7 years ago

Kusanye and stab wounds are washed not peroxide, butwipe with alcohol. Hematoma is unlikely to be processed by yourself. In the medicine cabinet for the future at hand should be furatsilin, ointment levomikol, ointment Baksinovaya. The blood stop will help vikasol, drop by drop into each nostril naphthyzin or galazolin.

Levi Enlightened (26479) 7 years ago

Scoff? To the doctor urgently. There was an infection in the wound. Most likely this is not a hematoma (haematologists usually with a closed wound) Need a course of injections and professional treatment of the wound.