Bite of a dog swelling

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Dachshund In Dachshund After Dog Bite

# 1 Ekaterina)

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Posted 02 November 2011 - 13:24

Dachshund is 3 years old. On October 31, a big dog attacked him, grabbed his neck and so beat and held for a long time. There were no bloody wounds, the hide was clean. The edema in the neck, then the head and subsequently (November 2) on his back. as if the skin "creaks," suspicions that under the skin of the air. The dog's infrequent hoarse cough. Appetite is good, the stool is normal, but the dog is listless. Tell me what it can be, and what to do?

# 2 Dr.Veter.

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Posted 04 November 2011 - 11:28

Nado k doktoru.
Eto ili podkozhnaia emfizema, ili anaerobnaia infekcia, ili esche chego.
Lechit nado.