The dog swollen after the operation

the dog has a Russian terrier, a fracture of the left paw- Have performed operation to us, have inserted knitting needles. outside fastened with the same knitting needles. The paw is very swollen - three times more than normal. temperature measured - 37.5, 38. when I touch the paw. it is warm slightly but not hot. he does not complain, like his paw does not bother. but I'm still worried. who faced help me what I do - run to the doctor or swelling is normal and when I must proiti. The dog's appetite is good, active, the stool is normal. please, help.
The operation is called osteosynthesis.

You can simply go without a dogconsultation to the doctor and take at the same time his phone to be able to call. After the needle is inserted, the leg naturally swells, because not only the bone but also a part of the tissues is injured. This is the reaction to injury. And he can tremble because of an unusual state of health and probably because of your excitement. He senses your increased attention and does not understand why it is. BUT at the doctor all the same consult-after all only he can opredilit a border between a natural reaction of a tissue and a pathology.

Maybe it is the consequences of the operation, but it is necessary to consult a specialist, suddenly something serious and you need to take urgent measures! Edema is serious and dangerous things!

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