The dog has a swollen neck

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On the Neck The Dog has a lump on the neck for 2 weeks already

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Posted on 29 October 2012 - 14:18

Hello!My dog ​​limped, the doctors diagnosed: "articular mouse", and the 2nd doctor is already destroying the joint. cartilage + bursit.Lechit refused, but advised to serve rimadil. After 7 days, the dog began to tear the coffee gushche.Poshli to the 3rd doctor diagnosed with a stomach ulcer. They began to do droppers became worse, they left only glucose and added ascorbic acid to it. In this case they pricked in the holku. After 3 times the neck was swollen, by the evening the swelling passed, and the cone / on the neck under the muzzle / remained. It was about with the egg, but on the touch is soft, and is in the soft tissues of the dog, ie, where the neck of the Rottweiler hangs around your neck. When you touch the dog it freezes, but does not whine and does not growl. It's been 2 weeks already. It's eating normally. What do you advise? What tests can I pass? Can wait and not torment the dog? And from the ulcers prescribed almagel.Zaranee is grateful for your answer.

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